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Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance For Retail Shopping Centers

Landscaping and lawn maintenance for retail shopping centers has always been one of our specialties. We have numerous shopping center accounts that we provide monthly grounds maintenance support for. Retail is a really prominent sector of the Memphis real estate market. The economy in Memphis is growing, and so are the number of shopping centers in the city. We have provided the landscape design, deployment and monthly maintenance for some of Memphis’ best and most innovative properties.

These properties also suffer more daily traffic and everyday “wear and tear” than most other commercial properties. Thanks to our years of experience working with these properties, Pugh’s earthworks is uniquely suited to provide a range of commercial landscape maintenance services.

Our prestigious list of commercial landscape maintenance clients includes some of Memphis’ top properties and property management companies. We’re honored to be part of keeping Memphis beautiful!

Commercial Landscaping

Pugh’s Earthworks is a premier commercial landscaping firm for Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Littlerock and Southaven. Our full-service commercial landscaping services include everything from designing a new landscape or enhancing an existing one to installing plants and other materials. For example, we can plant trees and shrubs in your parking lot or around your office building so that they’ll provide shade during hot summer days. We also offer irrigation systems, stone patios and walkways as well as decorative lighting options to make sure that your property looks great when it’s dark outside.

One of the specialties of Pugh’s Earthworks is commercial landscaping. We have full-service landscape design teams dedicated to enhancing the look and feel of commercial properties. Our commercial landscape design and maintenance services can be used to create a warm welcome for customers and clients, or they can be used as an effective tool to help businesses stand out from competitors in their industry. Our designers have extensive experience working with retail stores, restaurants and other businesses that rely on client traffic for revenue. They will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs while adding value both aesthetically and financially (e.g., by increasing foot traffic).

Spring Landscaping, Summer LandscapingSpring Is Busy Planting Time For Our Team

Pugh’s Earthworks provides commercial landscape and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville. We have a total of five commercial landscape service operations in three states. We operate in Tennessee, Mississippi and Little Rock, Arkansas. Our monthly services include landscape design, installation and maintenance. We also offer an affordable monthly lawn maintenance program as well. We customize our program and services based on the needs, budget, and seasonal requirements of each shopping center and retail facility that we work with.

Now that winter has ended, it’s time to think about planting shrubs and reworking flower beds. Spring is the perfect time to do both. Our landscape team is already busy adding new beautiful seasonal flowers to the flower beds of many of the shopping centers that we service. Our flower replacement service is affordable and offers a great way to add some much needed color and life to the retail facility. We offer a wide variety of flowers and bedding plants. We work with each client to determine the precise varieties and quantities that we install for each flower bed.

Many of the shrubs in the Memphis area suffered varying degrees of damage this past Winter. Our commercial landscape team is also very busy evaluating the shrubs and plants currently installed at the retail facilities we support. Where damage has occurred, those shrubs and plants will be replaced. Any shrubs deemed past it’s prime will also be called to the attention of the client. If approved, those shrubs are replaced as well. Before we change out shrubs, we always provide our client with recommendations for the varieties of plants that would work best in the areas being serviced. Landscape design is one of the areas that we truly excel. Our customers have come to depend on our experts to suggest the perfect shrubs, and the precise quantity of those shrubs that will provide for the best display.

When our team starts putting together the landscape plan for you, there are a number of things they consider. First they evaluate the area available to install plants. Every retail location is different. Our team will create an installation plan that ensures the best display. We also take into consideration the types of shrubs that the customer prefers. Our experts do a great job of recommending flowering and non-flowering shrubs that best fit the Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Little Rock or Southaven growing zones. As your landscape partner, we always like to recommend shrubs that work well for your specific environment, including considering how much shade or sun the bedding area may provide.

Planting shrubs involves a specific process to make sure they can adapt and thrive where they are planted. We start by evaluating the soil. Once that evaluation has been completed, we bring is the necessary soil enhancements needed to ensure the plants receive the proper nutrients. You would think that digging the hole is the easy part. Actually the hole dimensions are incredibly important. Dig the hole too deep and too much of the stem may be covered by soil. Dig the hole to shallow and root growth may be negatively impacted. Soil and hole dimensions are an exacting science. Our installers work to create optimal soil and a hole the is approximately three or four times as wide as the container the shrub came in.

Sound like a lot of work? We agree that it is. Which is precisely why we think you need an expert landscape vendor partner, like Pugh’s Earthworks. We are one of the premier landscape and lawn maintenance service providers in the Mid-South. If you are looking for a great service provider, we would love to provide you with a Free estimate for any work you may need performed.


If you are looking for a reliable commercial lawn care service, contact us today! We offer free estimates on all of our services and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can help your business succeed. Pugh’s Earthworks is a full-service landscaping and lawn care company that offers commercial lawn maintenance services for businesses, commercial properties and residential properties. We offer a wide range of services to help you maintain your property. We can provide everything from seasonal mowing to full landscape design services or irrigation system installation.