5 Summer Lawn Tips

Pugh's Earthworks is one of the largest landscape design, installation and maintenance firms in the Mid South area. Our clients include some of the premier office buildings, hotels, hospitals, churches and cemeteries in the cities we operate. In addition to the commercial customers we serve, we also provide landscape services for Home Owners Associations (HOAs), Condo Owners Associations (COA’s) and individual residential homeowners. Pugh's Earthworks The Best Commercial Lawn Services in Memphis As summer arrives, it's time to start thinking about your plan for ensuring that lawn stays looking as lush as it has all spring. There are many things you can do to help your lawn is green and beautiful despite the summer heat and humidity. Here are five of our best summer lawn care tips: Feed your lawn with fertilizer during the early part of the summer. This gives your lawn a fighting chance to make it through heat, intense sun, and potential drought. The nutrients in the fertilizer help feed the grass blades, strengthening them to withstand what summer hits it with. Be wise with summer lawn watering. This means about one inch of water per week when it's very hot as well as deeper, yet less frequent, watering. Also, water early in the day to cut down on evaporation. Mow regularly but don't cut the grass too short. When your grass is taller, it can grow deeper roots and help shade the surrounding area while also becoming more grass tolerant. Therefore, mow it at two to three inches. Also, sharpen mower blades to cut more precisely. Consider changing your lawn to accommodate high-traffic areas. Do you have that part of the lawn where everyone seems to walk across because it's a short cut to your business? Consider installing stepping stones or another type of walkway here rather than having a lawn that shows signs of wear and tear. Know summer lawn bugs and issues so you can treat them immediately. This includes summer insect infestations from insects like chinch bugs, fire ants, fleas, and mosquitoes. Or, your lawn might experience fungal problems like powdery mildew and brown patch. There are also grubs that appear in the summer, so know how to treat these or get a lawn care professional to help you. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help with your summer commercial lawn.