Now’s the Time to Weed, Fertilize, and Improve Lawn Appearance Before Winter

Pugh's Earthworks The Best Fall and Winter Lawn Maintenance Services in Memphis Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville plus we service lawns in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our monthly seasonal landscape care for lawns, bedding, trees and shrubs, irrigation, and hardscape areas is available for both commercial and residential customers who are looking for professional, value-oriented, and adept landscape services. We're proud to be one of the most highly rated commercial landscape companies in Memphis and the surrounding areas. With the fall months underway and winter in sight, this is the time to start doing preparation for your winter lawn. What you do now in the fall helps your lawn do well in the winter and be ready for spring-time growth. Over the course of the last few weeks, we've shared many tips about how to care for your fall lawn. In this post, we'll share some tips for thinking about how to care for a lawn that needs to be ready for harsh conditions like freezing temperatures, wind, rain, ice, and even snow. Mowing Tips This is the time to mow your grass approximately every 10 to 14 days until all of the leaves have fallen. The height of your lawn will be based on the type of grass you have. For example, to prepare the grass for winter for cooler climates is about 0.75 inches. Doing so helps the grass protect itself during those winter months, including reducing the risk of fungus growth that comes from contact with snow for an extended amount of time. Fertilizer Time If you haven't used fertilizer yet, this may be a good time to apply it to your lawn before the winter arrives. We suggest a good organic fertilizer that doesn't contain phosphates. Halt the Irrigation With cooler temperatures and even a storm or two brewing, this is the time to cool it on the water. In areas like Memphis, the cooler temperatures mean you can go ahead and turn that water off for now. With the chance of freezing temperatures overnight, you don't want the water from the sprinklers to freeze on the grass and shock it before winter even arrives. Composting Continues Fall is an ideal time to gather composting material to continue with that lawn maintenance need. Use those leaves that you've b been raking and them to your compost pile. The leaves not only help with creating the compost, but they also prevent the compost pile from getting too wet. Lawn Tips For Winter Finally, if it start to snow, leave the snow on the grass. In many ways, the snow can protect your lawn, serving as a type of insulation from the frigid winter air. Contact us now to learn more about fall and winter landscape care and how we can cover it all for you!