Keeping your commercial landscape attractive during the cold winter months can be a challenge and Pugh’s Earthworks has the answers

Pugh's Earthworks The winter season can present challenges with keeping your commercial property looking attractive. Of course appearance is important for customer and employee image. The professional and certified landscape technicians at Pugh's Earthworks are very educated and skilled at keeping landscapes looking pristine during the challenges presented by all seasons. Depending on what part of the country you live in, winters can be mild, medium or severe. The markets that Pugh's Earthworks serves tend to be in the medium category which does experience cold and snowy conditions. Those markets are Memphis, Tennessee which is headquarters plus offices in Nashville, Jackson TN, Southaven MS and Little Rock AR. Our firm provides monthly grounds maintenance services for commercial clients in these markets. Below are a few things that can be done to help to beautify your commercial landscape during the harsh winter months: Planting Evergreen Trees can enhance the overall appearance of your commercial landscape. In the dead of winter when there is little color to break up the mundane, Evergreens can add that spark of color that is pleasing to the eye. A couple of good choices for Evergreens are the Blue Dwarf Spruce which adds a blueish tone and the Gold Thread False Cypress which adds sparking yellows. If you are a lover of wildlife, attracting birds can be more of a challenge in the winter. However, by keeping your bird feeders full of food and using heated dog bowls for water, birds will be sure to stop by and add a sense of life to the dead of winter. Adding attractive lighting will help to amplify the beauty of your landscaping especially since there is less sunlight during the winter months. Many commercial businesses add holiday lighting to their building(s) as well. Repurposing existing decorations like flower pots, barrels, bird baths etc. will help as well. By planting annuals or using pieces of sculpture in these existing decorations it will add to their aesthetic value during the winter months. The experts at Pugh's Earthworks would be honored to earn your business as a permanent commercial landscape client. We have the licenses, skill and passion to keep your property in tip top shape including during the bitter cold winter months. Evergreen Trees   Pugh’s Earthworks was originally started by Mark Pugh. Our firm has been in business since 1992. Over the past 25 years, we have grown rapidly. In all that time and throughout all that growth, we have remained true to our motto, Big Company Strength, Small Company Values! Regardless of the size of the client we are working for, our staff will deliver the best possible service, while treating each client with the utmost of respect. In a word, “We Love Our Customers” and “We Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve.” We are now one of the Mid South’ s leading commercial landscape installation and maintenance companies. Pugh’s Earthworks provides the highest quality landscaping services available. We are Memphis landscape maintenance experts. Our team is committed to acting [...]

Landscape Care For Every Season

Pugh's Earthworks Tennessee's Landscape Maintenance Services Address Seasonal Needs Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville. We also design landscapes and service lawns and landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our services include seasonal maintenance for lawns and landscape areas for residential and business clients. As you know, each season brings specific weather patterns and temperatures that all impact your lawn and other landscape features. Depending where you live and the weather that year, these seasons could be pleasant or they could bring harsh conditions like severe cold or heat, humidity, rain and flooding, snow and ice, or even drought. To help your clients ensure that their lawns and landscape features look their best, the professional team at Pugh's Earthworks changes the care they give your landscaping as needs change due to temperature and other weather conditions. For example, we are still in the thick of winter, which means we add in services like snow and ice treatment. This means we can help clear everything from driveways and parking lots to walkways to your business. When it comes to spring, we change our services and start preparing lawns and landscapes for a season of growth. With potential rain on the way, we also adjust irrigation systems. Our planting services reflect what grows best in that climate throughout the entire year with a focus on more drought-resistant plants and landscaping. In summer, our focus again changes to address heat and humidity. Again, we adjust irrigation systems and start prepping the landscape for the fall where weather conditions start to drastically change. There is a lot of work and expertise that goes into understanding the changes and needs of the landscape and lawns during each season of the year. Many on our team have studied these changes and have the experience to understand the best approaches, landscape design, and plant choices to use for each season. As a result, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape the whole year round!

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What You Need to Know About Winter Lawn Care

Pugh's Earthworks Tennessee's Commercial Landscape Services For Winter Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville plus we service commercial lawns and landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our monthly seasonal landscape care for residential commercial properties includes professional lawn care, planting and pruning, landscape design, water-conservation strategies, and more. When it comes to seasonal landscaping care, winter is one of the most challenging due to the cold conditions, including the potential for snow and ice. The freezing ground can also make it difficult to do some of the most common landscaping and lawn maintenance tasks like weeding and planting. Here are some tips on how to care for your lawn in the winter: Surprisingly, lawns can get over-watered in winter months. That means you should change your sprinkler system to water sparingly during these months. Stop any type of heavy traffic on the lawn. During the winter months, the grass is not as resilient as the summer time. It's especially important to keep off the lawn in the morning when the grass can be brittle due to the frost. Remove all organic debris from your lawn, including leaves and fallen tree branches. Leaving that debris on your lawn can cause bacteria and disease to flourish as well as attract insects and other pests. Use a rake to remove this debris. To prepare for spring, you may want to apply fertilizer toward the end of the winter season when the temperatures are starting to warm back up. Spread cool-weather grass seed to help promote a lush look in the spring time. Use a spreader like you did for the fertilizer. Lower the height of your mower by a notch or two so that the lawn is not too short when you start to mow again. Keep an eye on the changing weather conditions. While turf can be resilient and tolerate extreme winter, certain inclement conditions can be harmful over an extended period of time. If you are still not sure, we're here to help! Contact us now to find out what we can do to take care of your residential or commercial lawn during the winter season and the whole year round.

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Why It’s Important to Stay Off the Lawn During the Winter Months

Pugh's Earthworks Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services For Tennessee Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville plus we service residential and commercial lawns in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our monthly seasonal landscape care for lawns is done by a team of highly trained and service-focused professionals who love what they do. Lawn care can include additional services for your landscape, pest control, and ice and snow removal needs. With fall racing toward the winter season and the weather making it known what's on the way -- frigid temperatures, ice, and snow - it's time to think more about how to take care of your lawn during the winter. Even now during the second half of fall, frost starts to appear in the mornings, especially when w'eve had a cold, clear night. You may start to see how moisture on grass and plants starts to freeze. A light frost over the course of several nights can lead to damage for your lawn. For example, Bermuda grass can start to have a brown, patchy appearance and die pretty quickly if warmer temperatures do not return. St. Augustine grass has a brown, yellow or even purple hue where frost has damaged grass blades. While you can fix this when spring arrives, there are other things you can do in the meantime to prevent further damage. During a frost, each of those grass blades is essentially frozen. Therefore, when you walk on it, the blades will break from the weight of your foot steps. This does more damage than the frost alone because the weight causes more cellular damage to the grass blades. When a lawn is frosted, the grass blades are literally frozen. Any activity on the lawn while it is frosty, like walking on it or mowing it, will "break" the grass blade and damage the lawn. It will recover eventually, but it may not fully bounce back until the following spring. This may make it even harder for your lawn to recover, so it's best to stay off of it. Another tip is to do deep watering of your lawn at night because it allows the moisture to evaporate slowly overnight. This evaporation then creates friction and heat around each of the grass blades. When the night air temperature drops below freezing, your grass still has a slightly higher temperature from the evaporative heat processes. As a result, the lawn turf doesn't hit the freezing temperature that causes the water molecule expansion that leads to the frost damage. Another tip from golf course management is to use a sprinkler to melt the frost before walking on the lawn. Contact us now to learn more about how we can care for your winter lawn!

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Now’s the Time to Weed, Fertilize, and Improve Lawn Appearance Before Winter

Pugh's Earthworks The Best Fall and Winter Lawn Maintenance Services in Memphis Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville plus we service lawns in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our monthly seasonal landscape care for lawns, bedding, trees and shrubs, irrigation, and hardscape areas is available for both commercial and residential customers who are looking for professional, value-oriented, and adept landscape services. We're proud to be one of the most highly rated commercial landscape companies in Memphis and the surrounding areas. With the fall months underway and winter in sight, this is the time to start doing preparation for your winter lawn. What you do now in the fall helps your lawn do well in the winter and be ready for spring-time growth. Over the course of the last few weeks, we've shared many tips about how to care for your fall lawn. In this post, we'll share some tips for thinking about how to care for a lawn that needs to be ready for harsh conditions like freezing temperatures, wind, rain, ice, and even snow. Mowing Tips This is the time to mow your grass approximately every 10 to 14 days until all of the leaves have fallen. The height of your lawn will be based on the type of grass you have. For example, to prepare the grass for winter for cooler climates is about 0.75 inches. Doing so helps the grass protect itself during those winter months, including reducing the risk of fungus growth that comes from contact with snow for an extended amount of time. Fertilizer Time If you haven't used fertilizer yet, this may be a good time to apply it to your lawn before the winter arrives. We suggest a good organic fertilizer that doesn't contain phosphates. Halt the Irrigation With cooler temperatures and even a storm or two brewing, this is the time to cool it on the water. In areas like Memphis, the cooler temperatures mean you can go ahead and turn that water off for now. With the chance of freezing temperatures overnight, you don't want the water from the sprinklers to freeze on the grass and shock it before winter even arrives. Composting Continues Fall is an ideal time to gather composting material to continue with that lawn maintenance need. Use those leaves that you've b been raking and them to your compost pile. The leaves not only help with creating the compost, but they also prevent the compost pile from getting too wet. Lawn Tips For Winter Finally, if it start to snow, leave the snow on the grass. In many ways, the snow can protect your lawn, serving as a type of insulation from the frigid winter air. Contact us now to learn more about fall and winter landscape care and how we can cover it all for you!  

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Tips For Winter Lawn Care

We are now in the midst of winter, which means there could be snow, ice, freezing conditions, rain, wind and lots of debris that can make a mess of lawns. While it may seem easier to just let the lawn be until the end of winter, there are still things you can do to maintain your lawn in the winter time. When weather conditions allow, you can still fertilize, aerate, seed, and clear your lawn of debris. Here are some winter lawn care tips to enact today: Aerate and Fertilize This needs to be done before the first frost date. Most likely, that has already happened so you may need to skip this step in winter lawn care for the moment. If you haven't experienced a frost, then this is a good chance to give your lawn some time to breathe and relieve soil compaction. Once you've aerated, use some fertilizer that only works toward providing nutrients for root growth during those cold months. Tidy the Debris All the leaves and other debris can cut off any air that your lawn needs to breathe during those dormant winter months. That's why you'll need to remove the leaves. Also, any debris like that could become wet and harbor disease that could do damage to your lawn. Rake up as much debris as possible. You can use it for mulch or put it in your green recycling. Keep Off the Lawn When your lawn is frosted or dormant, it's best to try to avoid walking on it too much. Even strong grass can become weak if it's regularly walked on. You can avoid walking on your lawn by doing your best to keep driveways, sidewalks, and other walkways free of snow and ice by using rock salt. Prepare While You Can Do as much as you can when weather permits. Otherwise, leave the rest to Mother Nature. Commercial Lawn Care Help We can handle all of your winter commercial lawn maintenance needs. Also, don't forget that we also offer snow and ice treatment.  

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