It’s Not Too Late to Plant Shrubs

Garden shrubs can be both ornamental and practical. Many shrubs offer scented flowers and colorful foliage. However, shrubs also provide a great way to add privacy and hide anything unsightly around your commercial property like trash cans, air conditioner units, and more. That way, you can present a much more attractive landscape. There is still time this spring to plant shrubs around your commercial property. You can choose from a variety of methods for planting shrubs varies, depending on whether the shrubs you are planting have a burlap rootball or bare roots or they are being replanted from a container. Here are some ways to plant shrubs. First, you'll need to identify the most ideal locations around your commercial property for the shrubs. Select shrubs that thrive in your climate as well as find a location that meets the shrubs' needs for sun or shade, moisture, and soil composition. When picking a location, know how big the shrub will grow to ensure there is enough space. Remember that roots spread laterally so keep that in mind for planting location. Measure the height of the roots from the ground to the “root flare,” which is the part of the shrub at the base of the trunk where roots begin to spread out. Once you’ve measured the rootball, then dig out the soil and place it on a tarp.  After digging the hole for the shrub, fill it with water. Test to see how it drains by leaving the water for 24 hours. If it has drained away, then there is good drainage for the shrub. Place the shrub in the hole. Always move these shrubs by the roots rather than grabbing them the trunk or branches. The root flare should be at or slightly above the natural ground level. If it's wrapped in burlap, cut that and any string or wire from the root ball. Next, fill the hole gradually. Don’t add fertilizer, peat moss, or mulch at this point. Make sure there are no rocks or debris around the shrub. Water the shrub and allow the water to soak into the soil for several hours after you plant. From there, you'll water it approximately once per week. If you would prefer professional assistance with planting shrubs around your commercial property, contact us now to learn more!