Monthly Landscape Service Programs For Commercial and Residential Customers

Pugh's Earthworks Tennessee's Landscape Maintenance Services Have You Covered Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville. With five landscape service operations in three states, we also design landscapes and service lawns and landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our monthly landscape services include seasonal maintenance for lawns and landscape areas for residential and business clients, including planting, mowing, clean-up, landscape design, ice and snow treatment, and more. Whether you operate a business in Tennessee or own a home, you want your landscape and lawn to make a great impression. The problem is that we are all so busy with little time to spend on caring for our properties once work and errands are done. That's why it often helps to hire a professional landscape maintenance company that can maintain your lawn and landscape throughout the year, including changing seasonal needs. They have the skill and expertise to know how to best maintain your yard or retail or commercial property. Plus, they can provide tips on how to use less water and ensure that grass, plants, shrubs, and trees enjoy a long life. The best way to work with a professional landscape company like Pugh's Earthworks is to sign-up for a monthly landscape maintenance service program. With this monthly package, you get landscape design services where we can make improvements to water usage by adding drought-resistant landscapes. The package for landscape maintenance also includes installation of plants, irrigation systems, lighting, and more. Finally, we take care of maintenance like weeding, mowing, pruning, debris clear-up, and anything else that can keep your residential or commercial landscape looking great. There are also add-on services like snow and ice treatment or pest control services, should you need them. Contact us today to get a free estimate for a monthly landscape maintenance service program for your residential or commercial property. Our landscape professionals would be happy to give you their opinion of how your landscape can thrive.

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Mowing and Pruning Recommendations For Optimal Lawn and Plant Health

Pugh's Earthworks Tennessee's Landscape Maintenance Services For All Seasons Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville plus we service commercial lawns and landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our services include landscape design and maintenance for lawns and landscape areas for residential and business clients. As winter starts to slowly draw to a close and spring is in our sights, it's time to start thinking about the best approaches to mowing and pruning to achieve optimal lawn and plant health. Here are some of our tips for taking care of both: Let's start with trimming plants. The first trimming should occur just when the winter months are ending. This helps prepare plants for a healthy growing season. When it comes to pruning, this should only generally occur at the end of fall so hopefully you've already done this. However, if you have flowering shrubs, pruning should occur in the springtime after the flowers have bloomed. This will encourage thicker and fuller growth as well as more blooms during the following year. If you decide not to trim or prune, it can mean compromising the health of your plants. They will be susceptible to diseases and infestations as well as just be stunted by not having dead material removed. Now, let's look at lawn health and maintenance. First, don't cut your grass too short. A scalped lawn can make it vulnerable to diseases and weeds. infestation. Plus, the scalped turf can expose soil and lead to a poorly developed root system. Second, make sure you regularly sharpen your mower blade so you can make clean cuts to the trash when you mow. This way, you don't tear the grass, making an uneven edges that invites disease and pests into the grass blades. Keep an extra blade on hand so you can switch out blades while one is being maintenance. Next, consider leaving some grass clippings on the lawn after cutting, which is known as grasscycling. These grass clippings can provide as much as 25 percent of your lawn’s fertilizer needs. This helps provide good nutrients for a healthy lawn. Finally, don't mow in the same direction or pattern each time. This can end up compacting the soil and creating ruts that diminishes the lawn's health and attracts weeds. Contact us if you need help with mowing and pruning this season. We're here to help!

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The Benefits of Recycling Grass Clippings

Pugh's Earthworks is one of the largest landscape design, installation and maintenance firms in the Mid South area. Our clients include some of the premier office buildings, hotels, hospitals, churches and cemeteries in the cities we operate. In addition to the commercial customers we serve, we also provide landscape services for Home Owners Associations (HOAs), Condo Owners Associations (COA’s) and individual residential homeowners. Pugh's Earthworks Offering Commercial Landscape Maintenance and Design Most people bag up their lawn clippings and throw these away as part of lawn maintenance, usually in a green bin that is designated for garden waste. It's important to remove the grass clippings from the lawn should they smother a lawn or lead to thatch buildup. However, there are many reasons to consider recycling grass clippings. First, grass clippings are an excellent organic source of nitrogen. Second, clippings also can help to conserve water in two ways. They are 90% water and help return moisture to the soil. Additionally, these clippings help to return organic material to the soil, which also conserves water. Consider using a mulching lawnmower. It has an extra blade that is designed to chop and grind grass. From there, the mulching lawnmower can spread the clippings over the lawn. By spreading it thinner over the entire lawn, the clippings rapidly decompose and return to the soil. It is also possible to accomplish that with a rotary mower. To help combat thatch buildup or lawn suffocation, mow more regularly and don't cut more than one-third of the grass blade. Als, mow when the grass is dry. Wet grass is what spreads the clippings across the lawn unevenly. You can also recycle grass clippings by using it as mulch in your garden. The nitrogen supply also enriches a compost pile. Be sure to check back for more lawn care tips!  

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Lawns Need to Be Watered Regularly in the Summer

In the heat of summer, your lawn is a lot like you. There is dehydration if not provided with enough water to stay cool and hydrated. In fact, a lack of water can be detrimental to all living things. The answer is to water frequently but don't overdo it. Here are our top lawn maintenance tips for watering your summer lawn: You don't have to water your lawn every day in the summer. I know it seems like you should but don't be tempted. It can lead to overwatering. Know your soil properties because water reacts differently to sandy soil versus to clay-based soil. Once you know what soil you are using, you can create a lawn watering system that addresses that type of soil in an effective way. Check how the water is penetrating your soil in different places because it will not be uniform throughout your lawn. After watering, dig holes to see how far down the water is gone. The ideal penetration is six to eight inches beneath the surface of the soil. Keep an eye on your sprinkler system to make sure everything is working and reaching across your entire lawn. You may need to adjust or repair the sprinklers throughout the summer season. Typically, a lawn needs at least one inch of water each week but more in the summer when the heat really impacts it. Try watering the day before you know you are going to mow the lawn. This will help prevent the tips of the grass turning brown because it will have the water to recover more quickly from being cut. Additionally, if you stick to the plan of watering deeply and less frequently, your lawn will develop drought-tolerant roots that help it survive and thrive even in hot weather. By watering earlier in the day before 10 a.m., you can also reduce the chance of the water evaporating before it really penetrates the soil. Plus, doing so reduces the risk of fungal growth. We're here to help, too. If you seek professional lawn care services, we can deliver consistent, knowledgeable lawn care maintenance for your property. Contact us today!

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