Keep Leaves Off Lawns, Sidewalks, and Parking Areas

Pugh's Earthworks Tennessee's Commercial and Residential Landscape Company Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville plus we service residential and commercial lawns in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our monthly seasonal landscape care for lawns includes professional lawn care, including irrigation and sprinklers, fertilizing, reseeding, aeration, and pest control. Along with our professional landscape design and maintenance services, we also provide a wealth of expert advice on how to care for your residential and commercial landscapes. One of the things we often tell our clients is why it's so important to keep leaves off of lawns, flower beds, and sidewalks as well as clear this debris from parking areas. Leaves can accumulate quickly as they trees shed them for the fall and winter seasons. The effect is a pile of leaves. While they are unsightly, they also can cause problems. On lawns, the leaves can clog the grass so that the lawn can no longer breathe and get the oxygen it needs to survive. The same goes for flower beds. The leaves also create wet, dark conditions that breed disease as well as attract insects and other inhabitants that cause you other problems like rodent infestation. When it comes to your sidewalks and parking areas around commercial properties, the leaves may hide dangers that can lead to accidents, including people tripping or sliding from ice or debris they can't see. The accumulated leaves can lead to similar problems for vehicles. Overall, when leaves pile up, it also makes it look like the business is not concerned about their properties. This may also impact on what visitors conclude about the business. The mess may be so bad that it even discourages customers from coming to your business. We understand just how challenging it can be to run a business and keep up with this type of maintenance. That's why we are here to help! Contact us now to find out about our monthly commercial landscape maintenance services or our monthly residential landscape services.

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Fall is Around the Corner So It’s Time to Start Sweeping Up Leaves and Debris

Pugh's Earthworks The Best Commercial Maintenance Services in Memphis Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services to those in Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville, as well as Little Rock, Arkansas. Our clients include some of the premier office buildings, hotels, hospitals, churches and cemeteries in the cities we operate. In addition to the commercial customers we serve, we also provide landscape services for Home Owners Associations (HOAs), Condo Owners Associations (COA’s) and individual residential homeowners. Fall is nearly officially here. However, you may have noticed in the last couple weeks that more leaves are on your commercial lawn and landscaped areas. There may be debris from the recent storms as well. Although the leaves will continue to fall over a prolonged period, it's important to stay on top of them and other debris like small branches and other organic matter. That's because if the leaves and debris are left to pile up, the organic matter can start to mold and cause problems for the lawn, including killing the grass and creating bald patches. There are many ways to keep your commercial lawn and landscape clean. First, you can use rakes to remove the leaves and natural debris on a weekly basis. Second, you can opt to use a leaf blower, which can speed the work of clearing it from your lawn. Once you have gathered all your leaves and debris, you can use a leaf shredder and collect the debris into lawn bags for disposal. Alternatively, you may also want to save all the leaves and debris and turn it into mulch or put it in a composting container. You'll need to continue this throughout September, October, and November until winter arrives. This can be a lot of work, especially when you are trying to run a business. That's why you can leave the work to our commercial lawn and landscaping maintenance team to get it done for you. That way, your landscape looks pristine and you can focus on your business and customers! Contact us now to learn about our monthly commercial services, including snow and ice treatment for the upcoming winter months.

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