Contact Pugh’s Earthworks for Commercial Property Pre-Emergent Treatment

Pugh's Earthworks Backs Every Job with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Now is the time of year when pre-emergent lawn treatments need to be applied. If you are a homeowner, you may be using a Commercial Lawn company to spray or spread chemicals. Owning a Commercial Property is the same when it comes to lawn care. Preventing weeds from germinating is the best investment an owner can make when it comes to ensuring a beautiful lawn later in the season. Pugh's Earthworks is the best company for Commercial Property Pre - Emergent Treatment. In addition to early season Pre-Emergent service, Pugh's Earthworks will keep your Commercial Property looking beautiful throughout the growing season. As a result of using our full services of year-round lawncare which includes, fertilizer application, mowing, irrigation, aeration, weed control and more, you will be proud of your Commercial Property. Customers and employees will enjoy the view as well. The magic of the Pre-Emergent process is the herbicides contained in the treatment. They act as a barrier by creating a vapor that eliminates weeds before they are allowed to germinate. It is critical that the service happens at the proper time. The professionals at Pugh's Earthworks know exactly what time is best. However, weeds that were present during the last growing season will not be eliminated by Pre-Emergent treatment. These will need to be professionally treated. In summary, the best approach to controlling weeds throughout your commercial landscaping is to stop them from even showing up. First, it's important to know about the weeds you are trying to control. There are perennial weeds that survive and reproduce even in adverse conditions like even through winter weather. Then, there are annual weeds that can’t survive underground but some emerge at times of the year when preemergent weed killers aren’t active. Next, it's good to have a weed control strategy as part of your landscape maintenance program that incorporates pre-emergent weed control. These products should be used before a plant germinates in early spring. For difficult annual weeds, you may need to do multiple applications, including at the start of the spring and then at timed intervals throughout the season. This is because pre-emergent weed killers don't destroy weeds and their seeds. What they do is stop the weeds and their seeds from growing. For the first treatment of pre-emergent, the middle of March is highly recommended just when the spring season is about to start. This tends to get the weeds that most commonly start to appear as the average soil temperatures go above 50 degrees. Major summer weeds include crabgrass or clover, so it's important to use a pre-emergent treatment to stop them. Often, it can seem time-consuming to handle all these weed control treatments at your commercial property. Plus, you might be worried about visitors coming into contact with the pre-emergent treatments for weeds. Above all, you can leave the weed control work to us by contacting us now to find out how we can add weed control [...]