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Pugh’s Earthworks creates beautiful landscaped gardens that can increase healing and well being

Pugh's Earthworks Big Company Strength and Small Company Values!   Pugh’s Earthworks was originally started by Mark Pugh. Our firm has been in business since 1992. Over the past 25 years, we have grown rapidly. In all that time and throughout all that growth, we have remained true to our motto, Big Company Strength, Small Company Values! Regardless of the size of the client we are working for, our staff will deliver the best possible service, while treating each client with the utmost of respect. In a word, “We Love Our Customers” and “We Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve.” We are now one of the Mid South’ s leading commercial landscape installation and maintenance companies. Pugh’s Earthworks provides the highest quality landscaping services available. We are Memphis landscape maintenance experts. Our team is committed to acting with the utmost of integrity with our business operations and for clients and the communities we serve. Every job we do is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Pugh's Earthworks creates beautiful landscapes that can increase healing and well being!   Beautiful Hospital Landscaping Landscaping Health Benefits Beyond the obvious benefits of landscaping being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and helpful for the property value, there are studies showing that nicely landscaped hospital gardens have healing benefits for patients and staff. The calming effects of natural views can reduce stress and speed up the process of healing. A study conducted by a research team by the name of Cooper-Marcus and Barnes in the late 90's showed measurable benefits to both patients and staff. Their study showed that the hospital staff members were much happier and more productive when they had the ability to go outside and unwind. In addition, patients they interviewed said that the hospital gardens created a welcomed change from the stress of treatments and fear of illness. For decades it has been evident that the stresses endured by healthcare workers can be overwhelming. Extremely long hours, difficultly and fatigue caused by shift changes, lack of control or authority over decisions and emotional demands of the job have taken a toll. These conditions have in some cases lowered job satisfaction which has the domino effect of increasing absenteeism or turnover.  These consequences obviously have an effect on the care patients may receive. Studies have shown that hospital workers can find peace and tranquility by escaping to an outside hospital garden. This magnifies the need for landscaping expertise. Professional landscaping adds all of the necessary elements that make a garden one of splendor. Nature has a way of letting us escape to a world of calm and serenity. It is easy to recognize that a healthcare worked who is allowed the time to meditate and escape from a demanding profession can ultimately benefit those patients in their care. It also lowers the employment costs for hospitals as it takes time and money to train new employees. For the patients and their families, a beautifully designed and landscaped hospital garden has been shown to [...]

Memphis Tennessee Commercial Landscaping Services

Pugh's Earthworks Memphis TN Commercial Landscaping Pugh’s Earthworks is a family owned and operated landscape and lawn maintenance firm. We offer commercial landscape design, installation and maintenance. We are one of the leading commercial landscape firms in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area. From our inception, back in 1992, our company has demonstrated a commitment to quality, integrity and superior service. Pugh’s Earthworks specializes in commercial grounds management for office buildings, apartments, condominiums and HOA’s common areas. We handle numerous commercial clients in the Memphis area, including some notable hotels, hospitals, churches, colleges and HOA managed properties. We are a large firm and can handle projects of any size. Even though our firm has grown quickly over the past 25 years, we have always worked to maintain the same great values we had, when we were just a small, up and coming landscape company. Pugh’s Earthworks has been providing commercial landscaping services since 1992. We specialize is landscape and lawn maintenance for commercial customers. Currently we serve more than 300 commercial clients. Our firm is one of the largest landscape and lawn maintenance firms in Memphis. We also operate similar operations in Nashville TN, Southaven MS, Jackson TN and Little Rock AR. Our award winning team services apartments, condominiums, shopping centers, office buildings and complexes, cemeteries, hospitals, hotels and motels and other commercial facilities. The majority of our clients have opted into a comprehensive landscape and lawn maintenance program. Our programs can be tailored to meet the specific and unique needs to each property. They are affordable and ensure that the appearance of your property will always be fresh and beautiful.  

Pugh’s Earthworks Preparing For A Great 2015

It’s that time of the year again where we all sit around and wonder where 2014 went. Soon our friends and family will visit and enjoy the holiday season with loved ones, but that’s a completely different story. I wanted to share with you my top five tips to tie a ribbon on this year and prepare for an even more successful 2015. Reflect on this year What went well? What did you do to prepare yourself for that success? Can it be replicated as you think about next year? What didn’t work? Why didn’t it work? What would you do differently if you had a chance? Clean out your email inbox How many emails are in your inbox, just sitting there, staring you in the face for days on end? Take the time to weed through those emails and don’t be afraid to discard them if they are no longer important. If they were vital to your success, most likely they would have been done by now or brought up again by the colleague that sent them to you. Set a personal goal for 2015 Is it to lose weight? Save money for a house? Get a puppy? Visit your best friend? Take a trip to the place you have always wanted to go? Go to Space Camp? Hire a new commercial landscaper? Doesn’t matter what it is, but if you want to achieve it you need to commit to it and set a path of progress to get there. Set a work goal for 2015 Open in a new market? Take on a large rebranding campaign? Or perhaps your goals are more career oriented, perhaps to get that next promotion? If so, you want to pay attention to these great tips and avoid these common mistakes. Reestablish Connections Reach out to someone in your business network that you haven’t spoken to in a long time, someone who has done something special for you over this past year or an old friend from your former job. Drop a line to a friend that overcame a personal challenge this year, somebody who left you a message a while ago that you just never got around to returning or just for no reason at all! It may seem like a lot to squeeze in at this busy time of the year, but I can guarantee you that it can be done with just a little conscious direction. Think of it as the gift that you can give yourself. Take the necessary couple of hours over the next couple of weeks to practice some of these tips. The gift of clear focus, direction and alignment will be one you can appreciate all through next year. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year Everyone!