Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance For Retail Shopping Centers

Retail shopping centers are designed to create an enjoyable shopping experience for visitors. With more online shopping, retail shopping centers are focused more on commercial landscaping design and maintenance to create an inviting ambiance that encourages shoppers to stay longer and enjoy the overall feeling. That means you have to more thoughtfully consider how you will design and maintain the overall look of your shopping center, including landscape features and any lawn that also makes up that retail shopping center landscape. We offer year-round landscape maintenance services to help you, as a retailer, create a lasting positive impression on your customers and continually draw them to your location. Our landscaping design and maintenance work include seasonal flower designs and perennial plantings that fit the season. Another way that we can help you is with the overall appearance of your retail shopping center walkways, parking lots, and common areas. This includes “open-air gardens” with benches and seating, fountains, and other sensory experiences. We are also sensitive to city requirements and more water-sensitive landscape designs. We also understand that retail shopping centers involve a heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic, so we plan all of our maintenance schedules to ensure we don't impede that traffic but work during quieter periods. This also means scheduling irrigation during optimal times outside of traffic and weather conditions to conserve water while also not inconveniencing your customers. Additionally, we offer other services that may benefit your retail shopping center, such as pest control as well as snow and ice removal during those inclement months. Contact us today to learn more about how we can cost-effectively transform and maintain your commercial retail shopping center landscape and lawn areas.    

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How to Create a Beautiful Commercial Landscape For Your Business

The right commercial landscape for your business takes a solid plan and the knowledge of what defines good design. Before you start, here are some things to consider, especially around the idea of how the commercial landscape can enhance the look and image of your business, creating a welcoming element and projecting the benefits of working with you. This thoughtful planning should also take into account how you want people interacting with your property. Here are some other critical aspects of commercial design where it may be ideal to partner with an experienced commercial landscape company: Your business and landscape elements should align. If you are focused on sustainability, then your landscape will reflect that. Or, if you are fun want a playful look, then you will add fountains or other interactive features. A commercial landscape company can help shape how you align these. You want to welcome people and make it easy for them to get to you and even stay awhile. This includes landscape features like walkways, benches, tables and chairs, and low walls. Even hospitality areas with fire pits create an inviting atmosphere. This also helps direct the flow of traffic straight to your door, including paths lined with plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and/or lights. Make the architecture where your business is located stand out more. You can add color and texture through the plants, trees, and flowers you select as well as use green walls and other features that tie the entire building and landscape together. In this day and age, conservation has become critical and an important factor when planning commercial landscape design. Look for ways to conserve water and energy through your design, including ways to create shade to reduce heating costs in your building. Think long term before planning out your commercial landscape design because how it looks when plants and trees have matured will be vastly different than when you first createe it. Also, consider the maintenance that goes into that landscape design. Both will be factors that involve time and money for your business. Contact us today so we can meet and determine how to create a beautiful, cost-effective commercial landscape design that fits your business, brand, and budget.

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Tips For Winter Lawn Care

We are now in the midst of winter, which means there could be snow, ice, freezing conditions, rain, wind and lots of debris that can make a mess of lawns. While it may seem easier to just let the lawn be until the end of winter, there are still things you can do to maintain your lawn in the winter time. When weather conditions allow, you can still fertilize, aerate, seed, and clear your lawn of debris. Here are some winter lawn care tips to enact today: Aerate and Fertilize This needs to be done before the first frost date. Most likely, that has already happened so you may need to skip this step in winter lawn care for the moment. If you haven't experienced a frost, then this is a good chance to give your lawn some time to breathe and relieve soil compaction. Once you've aerated, use some fertilizer that only works toward providing nutrients for root growth during those cold months. Tidy the Debris All the leaves and other debris can cut off any air that your lawn needs to breathe during those dormant winter months. That's why you'll need to remove the leaves. Also, any debris like that could become wet and harbor disease that could do damage to your lawn. Rake up as much debris as possible. You can use it for mulch or put it in your green recycling. Keep Off the Lawn When your lawn is frosted or dormant, it's best to try to avoid walking on it too much. Even strong grass can become weak if it's regularly walked on. You can avoid walking on your lawn by doing your best to keep driveways, sidewalks, and other walkways free of snow and ice by using rock salt. Prepare While You Can Do as much as you can when weather permits. Otherwise, leave the rest to Mother Nature. Commercial Lawn Care Help We can handle all of your winter commercial lawn maintenance needs. Also, don't forget that we also offer snow and ice treatment.  

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Why Winter is a Good Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs

A hard freeze triggers plants into dormancy for the winter. This makes it the safest time to plant and transplant things like trees and shrubs. That way, they can be settled in and ready to start growing and making leaves in the springtime. Also, plants store energy during the growing season so they can provide energy during the fall and winter seasons that help them grow roots. Plants undertake most of this root growth during the “dormant” season. That is one of the biggest reasons why it makes sense to plant trees and shrubs during the winter season. However, there are other reasons that make it an ideal time, too. Stress levels are reduced because of the lack of foliage and soft new growth. This means less water is used to keep the trees and shrubs happy. Pruning will also not need to be done. To be successful with winter tree and shrub planting, there are a few tips to follow. First, mulching is important because it will help to maintain constant soil temperatures and keeps soil moisture at a constant level. Second, use less fertilizer and use organic fertilizer so it doesn't burn the roots. It is specifically designed to promote root growth while not encouraging foliage growth. Third, if you live in a windy area, consider staking the trees to prevent undue stress on the new roots.   If the ground is frozen solid and unworkable, then you can store unplanted shrubs and trees in a sheltered spot with southern exposure. When growth starts in early spring, prune any damaged branches, and feed with a balanced organic fertilizer. Or, consider using a commercial landscape design and management company like Pugh's Earthworks who can handle all your commercial planting and management no matter what the season. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with all your landscape and planting needs.  

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