Retail shopping centers are designed to create an enjoyable shopping experience for visitors.

With more online shopping, retail shopping centers are focused more on commercial landscaping design and maintenance to create an inviting ambiance that encourages shoppers to stay longer and enjoy the overall feeling.

That means you have to more thoughtfully consider how you will design and maintain the overall look of your shopping center, including landscape features and any lawn that also makes up that retail shopping center landscape.

We offer year-round landscape maintenance services to help you, as a retailer, create a lasting positive impression on your customers and continually draw them to your location. Our landscaping design and maintenance work include seasonal flower designs and perennial plantings that fit the season.

Another way that we can help you is with the overall appearance of your retail shopping center walkways, parking lots, and common areas. This includes “open-air gardens” with benches and seating, fountains, and other sensory experiences. We are also sensitive to city requirements and more water-sensitive landscape designs.

We also understand that retail shopping centers involve a heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic, so we plan all of our maintenance schedules to ensure we don’t impede that traffic but work during quieter periods. This also means scheduling irrigation during optimal times outside of traffic and weather conditions to conserve water while also not inconveniencing your customers.

Additionally, we offer other services that may benefit your retail shopping center, such as pest control as well as snow and ice removal during those inclement months.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can cost-effectively transform and maintain your commercial retail shopping center landscape and lawn areas.