It’s Not Too Late to Plant Shrubs

Garden shrubs can be both ornamental and practical. Many shrubs offer scented flowers and colorful foliage. However, shrubs also provide a great way to add privacy and hide anything unsightly around your commercial property like trash cans, air conditioner units, and more. That way, you can present a much more attractive landscape. There is still time this spring to plant shrubs around your commercial property. You can choose from a variety of methods for planting shrubs varies, depending on whether the shrubs you are planting have a burlap rootball or bare roots or they are being replanted from a container. Here are some ways to plant shrubs. First, you'll need to identify the most ideal locations around your commercial property for the shrubs. Select shrubs that thrive in your climate as well as find a location that meets the shrubs' needs for sun or shade, moisture, and soil composition. When picking a location, know how big the shrub will grow to ensure there is enough space. Remember that roots spread laterally so keep that in mind for planting location. Measure the height of the roots from the ground to the “root flare,” which is the part of the shrub at the base of the trunk where roots begin to spread out. Once you’ve measured the rootball, then dig out the soil and place it on a tarp.  After digging the hole for the shrub, fill it with water. Test to see how it drains by leaving the water for 24 hours. If it has drained away, then there is good drainage for the shrub. Place the shrub in the hole. Always move these shrubs by the roots rather than grabbing them the trunk or branches. The root flare should be at or slightly above the natural ground level. If it's wrapped in burlap, cut that and any string or wire from the root ball. Next, fill the hole gradually. Don’t add fertilizer, peat moss, or mulch at this point. Make sure there are no rocks or debris around the shrub. Water the shrub and allow the water to soak into the soil for several hours after you plant. From there, you'll water it approximately once per week. If you would prefer professional assistance with planting shrubs around your commercial property, contact us now to learn more!

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Customized Maintenance For Any Commercial Property

No two commercial properties are alike. That's because there are different sizes and outdoor spaces for landscaping. While some may be mostly hardscape with some flower beds and water features, others may have lush sprawling lawns or extensive greenery space. That's why, as a commercial landscape and maintenance company, we don't offer one price or one type of service. Instead, everything we do is customized to fit your landscape maintenance needs as well as your budget. HOAs/Condos/Apartments – When it comes to these commercial properties, there are often bylaws that we must follow to assist our commercial clients as well as a specific look and feel that the owners want to address. With HOAs, we can customize services for just the community's green spaces or we can also handle homeowners' front yards. Commercial and Office Buildings – Large commercial spaces may not have a lot of green spaces, but we can customize unique landscape and drought-resistant greenery that adds aesthetics and value to your property, welcoming clients into your business. Retail Buildings – We can help you make a stunning visual presentation, including lighting, seating areas, and water features, which encourage your customers to stay around and keep shopping. Health Institutions – Hospitals, clinics, and medical centers can benefit from landscaping that presents an attractive and welcoming space. And, when it is snowing, our custom commercial landscaping services also include snow and ice removal. Schools and Colleges – The appearance of an educational campus like a high school, college, or university is one of the first things that prospective students and parents see. Many campuses have mature trees and greenery that require special care.   Government – Government buildings also have their own specific landscaping needs that can help project a professional image. Religious Institutions and Cemeteries – From churches and chapels to cemeteries, we understand the unique needs of these spaces to provide a soothing and peaceful atmosphere for visitors. To find out more about our customized commercial landscaping and maintenance services, contact us now!

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The Benefits of Monthly Commercial Lawn and Landscape Service

If you are considering adding monthly commercial lawn and landscaping service to your business and commercial space, here are some compelling reasons why it offers you a good return on your investment. Financial Benefits Let's talk about the financial benefits first, which offer a way to quantify your investment in commercial landscaping services. With a stunning landscape and lush lawn, you'll make a great first impression with potential customers who visit your business for the first time. Let's face it: first impressions are everything. Just like a residential property, beautiful commercial landscaping can increase the market value of your commercial property. If you own that property, this is can be a significant return that benefits you over time. Environmental Advantages It's also good to know that you are doing some social good by selecting a commercial landscape company that can help you design an environmentally-friendly natural scape that uses less water as well as may aid your heat and cooling costs thanks to the shade it provides.  A commercial landscaper understands which plants are native to the area, how to create an environment that uses less water, and how to maintain that commercial landscape in an eco-friendly way. Health and Welfare Benefits Plants and greenery help provide an aesthetic that often makes people feel happier, safer, and positive. Colorful flowers and shaded areas also offer an environment that can make people feel better, including your employees. It can also have a similar impact on customers who may like to spend more time around your business because of the beautiful surroundings. Productivity Wins When it comes to running a business, you most likely don't have a lot of time. Rather than trying to take care of maintenance items like the lawn or landscape at your business, you could be focused on your clients or on getting new customers. Plus, you don't have to buy the equipment. Contact us today to find out just how easy it is to work with a professional commercial landscape and lawn services company!

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Why Your Landscape May Need Renovation

Landscape maintenance is one thing, but your landscape may actually be in need of renovation. While landscape maintenance can help an area look tidier and trim, there are times when it may need more than mowing or weed removal. Maintenance involves mowing, fertilizing, pest control, pruning, trimming and weeding. Over time, though, that will not be enough as lawns, trees, and plants begin to grow quickly and crowd each other. Because it's constantly changing, you can't just maintain a landscape. You need to undertake landscape renovation. Now, it's time to think about restoring and revitalizing your lawn and flower beds.  This includes replacing, removing and upgrading plants for the season or providing a new look and feel to your commercial landscape.  Also, trees may have grown so much that their crowns need to be thinned or they are impacting concrete and parking lots so need to be removed.   Remulching also falls under landscape renovation to provide a nice appearance and good coverage against any weeds. Turf most definitely must undergo regular renovation. This is because lawns can become compacted so they need aeration and seeding. Other reasons for landscape renovation may be due to the need to create a more environmentally friendly landscape that uses little to no water. Upcoming special events or a new remodel to your commercial business may also signal the need for landscape renovation. Finally, Mother Nature also has a way of reminding us that there is a need for commercial landscape renovation. For example, storms, snow, ice, and flooding may require landscape cleanup and restoration. Be sure to plan out what you want to renovate with your commercial landscape before ripping everything out. Similar to home renovations, it costs less and goes smoothly when you plan everything in advance. Have a budget in mind to also ensure you make the financial decisions that are right for your business. Consider working with a professional commercial landscape company that has the knowledge, skill set, and experience to provide direction and guidance on what works for your commercial property and business budget. Contact us today to get an estimate on your commercial landscaping renovation project.

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