No two commercial properties are alike. That’s because there are different sizes and outdoor spaces for landscaping. While some may be mostly hardscape with some flower beds and water features, others may have lush sprawling lawns or extensive greenery space.

That’s why, as a commercial landscape and maintenance company, we don’t offer one price or one type of service. Instead, everything we do is customized to fit your landscape maintenance needs as well as your budget.

  • HOAs/Condos/Apartments – When it comes to these commercial properties, there are often bylaws that we must follow to assist our commercial clients as well as a specific look and feel that the owners want to address. With HOAs, we can customize services for just the community’s green spaces or we can also handle homeowners’ front yards.
  • Commercial and Office Buildings – Large commercial spaces may not have a lot of green spaces, but we can customize unique landscape and drought-resistant greenery that adds aesthetics and value to your property, welcoming clients into your business.
  • Retail Buildings – We can help you make a stunning visual presentation, including lighting, seating areas, and water features, which encourage your customers to stay around and keep shopping.
  • Health Institutions – Hospitals, clinics, and medical centers can benefit from landscaping that presents an attractive and welcoming space. And, when it is snowing, our custom commercial landscaping services also include snow and ice removal.
  • Schools and Colleges – The appearance of an educational campus like a high school, college, or university is one of the first things that prospective students and parents see. Many campuses have mature trees and greenery that require special care.  
  • Government – Government buildings also have their own specific landscaping needs that can help project a professional image.
  • Religious Institutions and Cemeteries – From churches and chapels to cemeteries, we understand the unique needs of these spaces to provide a soothing and peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

To find out more about our customized commercial landscaping and maintenance services, contact us now!