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Trust your landscaping needs to Pugh’s Earthworks. We have studied the industry.

Pugh's Earthworks Big Company Strength and Small Company Values! Professional Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Services We are one of the Mid South’ s leading commercial landscape installation and maintenance companies. From its inception, our company has continued its commitment to quality, integrity and superior service. We provide the highest quality landscaping services and commercial grounds management for various commercial properties and HOA’s common areas. Mark Pugh started the lawn business in 1992 in a $500 truck with his phone number on it. Just 21 years later Pugh’s Earthworks has expanded markets to include Nashville TN and Little Rock AR. We now operate 60 trucks, while still retaining the very first commercial account we ever contracted with. That customer is Memphis Hunt and Polo Club. An experienced commercial landscaping company of over 200 employees, with certification and educational degrees in horticulture as well as years of experience, Pugh’s Earthworks caters to the landscaping needs of different commercial businesses and industrial properties as well as HOA’s common areas. Our Mission Statement: We strive in all we do, to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our team works to not only meet, but, to exceed the expectations of those we serve. Trust your landscaping to Pugh's Earthworks.  We have studied the industry!     Pugh's Earthworks Landscaped Property Agronomy When you choose a professional for any type of service whether, medical, financial, home repair or landscaping, you are best served by using a business that has industry educated management and employees. At Pugh's Earthworks, we have numerous credentials held by our talented team of certified landscape technicians. One such credential and field of study is in Agronomy. Agronomy is the inclusive science and technology of growing plants and land restoration. Originally this science was focused mostly on the agricultural aspect of plants as food and fuel source. Over the years it has evolved and is much more inclusive of all areas of plants and the environment. When a person studied the field of Agronomy they will be exposed to plant genetics, plant physiology, soil science and even meteorology. One area that is important in any plant growing endeavor is soil science. Knowing how to analyze soil content is vital to the selection and continued fertilization of plants and grasses. Soil contains two basic types of nutrients. Those like in economics are macro and micro. Macronutrients found in different soil regions are things like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Micronutrients are zinc and boron. Another important and obvious responsibility of an agronomist and a landscape technician is soil conservation. Our planet has amazing resources but they have to be protected. Over time soil can be damaged and eroded by wind and water. Professionals in the landscaping field as well as agricultural have to be thoughtful in their planning in order to preserve the integrity of the soil in which plants are growing. For future generations to come, things like disposal of pesticide buildup and water pollution have to be managed properly. In summary, when [...]

Pugh’s Earthworks offers Free consultations for Institutional Clients

Pugh’s Earthworks Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance For Institutional Clients This broad sector of properties includes churches, hospitals, country clubs, colleges and government branches. Of the many Memphis commercial properties we’ve been proud to service for a decade or more, a large number of them are institutional facilities. The key to our longevity: developing strong relationships, evolving with our clients’ changing needs and helping them to continue to grow the value of the commercial properties they own, manage and occupy. We provide landscape design and installation services, commercial landscape maintenance services and water management services for these institutional facilities to ensure they’re running at peak performance at all times. Pugh’s Earthworks is a large landscape and lawn maintenance firm. We own and operate 5 landscape offices, located in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Our firm has the precise equipment and personnel needed to deliver professional grounds maintenance services for all types of commercial customers. If you are seeking a professional firm to handle a landscape or lawn maintenance project, we encourage you to give us a call. We do offer FREE consultations and provide price estimates upon request. Year-round maintenance of all grounds is done by professionals who have been working in cemeteries for years and use great care and attention to detail. Pest Control, inside and out, can also be handled by Pugh’s Earthworks for hassle free property management. Pugh's Earthworks offers Free consultations for Institutional Clients!     Considerations for Institutional Landscaping Unless you are a trained and certified landscape technician as are the professionals at Pugh's Earthworks, the considerations for Institutional landscaping are probably foreign to you. Doing some research it was revealing to see just how much planing and thought goes into such a massive job. Not only for the initial plan design to optimize the aesthetic view of the property but equally important is the ongoing maintenance required to maintain that beauty. Below are some of the key considerations for Institutional landscape design and maintenance: Entrance - We all know that first impressions are critical. The same holds true when someone walks up to an Office building for the first time.  Not only should the entrance be inviting for quests but it should also be a place the employees are proud of. The technicians at Pugh's Earthworks will know which plants and flowers will compliment the building and also which are native to the region. Enhanced Signage - Companies spend large marketing dollars to design signage they feel best represents the company and will attract prospective customers. Naturally the owners do not want landscapes that obstruct the view of the sign. Instead a well trained landscaper will add flowers and plants that compliment the signage and bring more attention to it. Outdoor Seating/Common Area - Everyone enjoys a nice place to take a break from work. Phone calls, emails, meetings and deadlines can weigh on you. Offices that have taken the extra step in creating an outdoor oasis for their employees will reap the benefits of [...]