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Landscape Care For Every Season

Pugh's Earthworks Tennessee's Landscape Maintenance Services Address Seasonal Needs Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville. We also design landscapes and service lawns and landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our services include seasonal maintenance for lawns and landscape areas for residential and business clients. As you know, each season brings specific weather patterns and temperatures that all impact your lawn and other landscape features. Depending where you live and the weather that year, these seasons could be pleasant or they could bring harsh conditions like severe cold or heat, humidity, rain and flooding, snow and ice, or even drought. To help your clients ensure that their lawns and landscape features look their best, the professional team at Pugh's Earthworks changes the care they give your landscaping as needs change due to temperature and other weather conditions. For example, we are still in the thick of winter, which means we add in services like snow and ice treatment. This means we can help clear everything from driveways and parking lots to walkways to your business. When it comes to spring, we change our services and start preparing lawns and landscapes for a season of growth. With potential rain on the way, we also adjust irrigation systems. Our planting services reflect what grows best in that climate throughout the entire year with a focus on more drought-resistant plants and landscaping. In summer, our focus again changes to address heat and humidity. Again, we adjust irrigation systems and start prepping the landscape for the fall where weather conditions start to drastically change. There is a lot of work and expertise that goes into understanding the changes and needs of the landscape and lawns during each season of the year. Many on our team have studied these changes and have the experience to understand the best approaches, landscape design, and plant choices to use for each season. As a result, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape the whole year round!

Lawn Care For Cemeteries

Pugh's Earthworks Tennessee's Commercial Landscape Services Cemeteries Pugh's Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville plus we service commercial lawns and landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our monthly seasonal landscape care for commercial properties includes professional lawn care, including irrigation and sprinklers, fertilizing, reseeding, aeration, and pest control. This includes shopping centers, schools, retailers, industrial centers, business parks, and more. Cemeteries are one of the commercial landscape maintenances segments we specialize in. A lot of care and expertise goes into tending to a cemetery landscape while also being mindful and respectful of the grounds and visitor. There is also a lot of ground and types of landscaping to cover at cemeteries. This includes lawns, aeration, fertilizing, mowing, weeding, and mulching. Other landscaping activities include pest control, tree planting and removal, and planting and irrigation. In some cases, we also take care of specialty landscaping unique to cemeteries. These services may include headstone cleaning, pathway and parking maintenance, fencing and railing repair, benches and monuments, water features, and lighting.  During winter seasons, we also do snow and ice removal. Taking care of all these areas of a cemetery takes considerable time. But, it's important to provide a pleasant experience for visitors, including ensuring that they visitors feel comfortable to spend a while visiting loved ones and returning often. We'd like to put our expertise and knowledge to work to help maintain the lawns and landscape in your cemetery. Contact us for a free estimate!