Pugh’s Earthworks

Tennessee Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Pugh’s Earthworks provides commercial landscape design and maintenance services throughout Tennessee, including Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville. We have five commercial landscape service operations in three states, including landscapes and service lawns and landscaping in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our monthly commercial landscape services include seasonal maintenance for lawns and landscape areas for business clients. Commercial landscape and lawn maintenance services include planting, mowing, clean-up, landscape design, ice and snow treatment, and more.

Here are five benefits to opting to work with a commercial landscape design and maintenance company like Pugh’s Earthworks:

1. Creates an attractive look that matches your brand

First impressions are everything as a prospect drives up to your business. Whether it’s in a retail center, office building, or standalone property, it has to look nice and well-maintained. That’s because how it looks provides an impression of what the business might be like. You want them to stop, park, and come in and do business with you rather than keep on driving. A commercial landscape company knows how to create an inviting look to draw customers in.

2. Helps you become an eco-friendly business

You may not know how to change your landscape so it uses less water or takes advantage of eco-friendly practices. That’s when it makes sense to leave it to the commercial landscape professional who understands how to use native plants and design an eco-friendly landscape that contributes to the environment rather than takes away precious natural resources.

3. Increases productivity

You can focus more on your business and less on the time-consuming activity of taking care of your landscape. Plus, will be inspired and motivated by the attractive landscape to get more done. Working with a commercial  landscape design professional, you can also add things like a patio and outdoor seating to encourage employees to go outside and enjoy their breaks, so they come back refreshed and ready to work. They may even enjoy working outside when weather permits and get more done by doing so.

4. Raises commercial property value.

Similar to a residential property, the more attractive your commercial property is the more valuable it becomes should you go to sell it, lease it, or take out a loan. A commercial landscape company can help you add features like lighting, hardscape, and other features that do the most to raise value.

5. Attracts more customers. 

A professional commercial landscaping company can help you attract more customers that are drawn to your business just from the inviting fountain, lighting, seating, and array of flowers, greenery, and even lawn. This attractive and natural look is a way to draw people in who might have otherwise continued to walk on by.

For more information on how our commercial landscape company can help your business, please contact us.