Every April, communities, businesses, and individuals across the celebrate gardening during National Garden and Lawn Month.  It brings awareness to the beauty found in nature as well as the benefits gardening provides all of us.

Gardens and lawns contribute to better health, improve the aesthetics of cities and businesses, and provide an overall attractive look to everything around us to enhance moods.

This celebration was started by the National Garden Bureau who worked with 23 national horticultural organizations to legislate National Garden Week. Former President Reagan signed the Proclamation on April 18, 1986. National Garden Week was first celebrated April 12 to 18, 1987.

Then, in 2002, the National Gardening Association decided to extend the celebration to encompass the entire month of April. From 2003, National Garden Month has been celebrated during the month of April.

Here are some ways to celebrate the month:

  • Participate in a city or neighborhood beautification day.
  • Visit a farmer’s market or garden center.
  • Volunteer to clean up a park or street.
  • Work with others to develop a city garden.
  • Add a garden or more greenery at your workplace.
  • Include more houseplants in the office.
  • Take a local garden tour.
  • Find ways to be more environmentally sensitive, including using less pesticide, water, and electricity.
  • Start an indoor herb garden.
  • Buy locally grown food.

During this month, you may also want to work with a professional commercial company like Pugh’s Earthworks to manage your commercial lawn and garden or find a way to redesign it so it uses less water thanks to new drough-resistant plants. Contact us today to learn more!