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If you are like most commercial property owners, you have probably got spring and summer on your mind. Who does not love seeing their lawns turn green, or the first flowers of the season bloom? Though they are certainly beautiful, these seasons also bring with them all kinds of lawn care needs—like mowing and watering. But what about fall? As autumn approaches, your lawn will be under attack from a new set of enemies: leaves! That is why it is important to hire Pugh’s Earthworks to perform Fall Commercial Landscaping to prepare for this time of year before winter hits. Here are some tips on how to keep your lawn looking good through fall and into winter:

Fall Leaf Removal

Fall leaf removal is a great time to get rid of dead leaves and debris that may be littering your lawn. Fall leaf removal helps prevent disease and insects, as well as providing a better look for spring. The Pugh’s Earthworks team will do this by hand or with the use of a blower, depending on how much work there is. They will use a rake first to remove most of the leaves and then switching over to either a push mower or hand-held blower for cleanup after that. If there is still some stubborn debris left behind after raking, that is why hiring a professional team of Commercial Landscape Technicians like Pugh’s Earthworks is so vital to a healthy commercial lawn.

Fall Mowing

Mow grass at the highest setting. Grass should be mowed frequently, but not too short. The ideal height for the dry season is 3-4 inches. We mow often, but not too short. If we are cutting your lawn every two days instead of once a week or longer, it may be time to adjust our mower settings so that each pass cuts less than an inch off the topsoil and root system–which will help prevent any dead spots from forming in your lawn. We often use a mulching mower to cut your grass. This will reduce the number of clippings left on your lawn, which can help prevent disease and keep it looking healthy. If we are using a bagger attachment, we empty it as soon as possible after mowing so that the bags do not weigh down our mower or get clogged with debris like leaves and twigs.

Fall Watering

Make sure your lawn is watered regularly. Even if it rains, you should still make sure that your lawn gets the equivalent of one inch of water per week from a sprinkler or hand watering. Water deeply, but infrequently–about once every four days during the summer months.  Avoid using any pesticides or herbicides on your lawn unless absolutely necessary. These chemicals can put a serious strain on both the environment and humans who come into contact with them.  Use mulch to help keep moisture in the soil around trees and shrubs. The best way to keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy is by watering them regularly when necessary. If you have drought-tolerant plants, they can go without water for longer periods of time without dying off completely.

Fall Fertilization

For a healthy lawn, fall fertilization is an important part of your routine. Fall is the best time to apply fertilizer because it allows the nutrients to be absorbed by roots before winter. This helps your lawn maintain its color and look good through the winter months. Fall fertilizing also improves spring green up, which means you’ll have a healthier turfgrass from day one!

Fall fertilization will also help promote winter survival because it promotes growth at lower temperatures than other times of year. This means that if you are unable to get out there for regular mowing or watering during cold snaps, your grass will still be able to survive until next spring without any issues whatsoever! Finally (and perhaps most importantly), fall fertilizing helps keep your turfgrass healthy overall–reducing pest problems like weeds while encouraging deep root growth so that new root systems can develop over time as well as increasing drought tolerance throughout all seasons of the year. In addition to the benefits listed above, fall fertilizing also helps your turfgrass recover from the stress of summer heat and drought. The cooler temperatures during fall help reduce evaporation and transpiration, which in turn promotes deep root growth so that new roots can develop before winter arrives.

Fall Thatch Removal

Thatch is a layer of dead grass and roots that builds up on your lawn. It should be removed to prevent disease and insect problems, as well as ensure that your lawn gets enough water and nutrients. Thatch can be removed by aerating the lawn with a core aerator or plug aerator.

Aerating the lawn with a core aerator is probably the best method of removing thatch, as it will allow you to remove more of it and also increase the amount of water that gets into the soil. A core aerator has hollow tines which penetrate through a few inches into your lawn, breaking up compacted soil while also pulling out plugs of grass and roots along with any dead material.

Fall Debris Cleanup

Fall debris cleanup is an important part of fall lawn maintenance. At Pugh’s Earthworks we feel the best time to do this is before the first frost. We rake up leaves and other debris into small piles and then bag them with trash bags or compost them. We offer services such as leaf removal and debris removal as part of their fall lawn maintenance packages.

Fall Sprinkler Maintenance and Winterization

Winterizing your sprinkler system is important to protect your investment. Winterizing helps prevent damage to the system, landscape, and environment. When you winterize your sprinkler system, you will be able to enjoy it again next spring with minimal maintenance. Benefits include:

  • This process Protects against freezing temperatures: When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius), ice can form inside pipes and cause them to burst or crack. In addition, freezing water can damage valves and other components of an irrigation system’s control box that may not be covered by insurance or warranty agreements.
  • Prevents clogs: Water that remains in a pipe after winterization can freeze into solid chunks called “ice bombs” which block pipes from draining out properly when thawed again in springtime.
  • Protects landscape investments: Trees might suffer from decay when exposed repeatedly over time without adequate drainage during wet seasons; plants could rot without proper irrigation throughout summer months if too much moisture remains within their root zone during dormant periods.
  • Protects environmental resources: Excessive use of chemical fertilizers can harm aquatic ecosystems like lakes or ponds where they might wash off into nearby streams/rivers through runoff channels created by improper drainage systems installed around properties built upon slopes facing downhill towards these bodies of water.


We hope you have found this information helpful. Lastly, consider assistance from a professional lawn care maintenance company like Pugh’s Earthworks who can take care of leaves, mowing, and fertilizing so you can just enjoy how it looks. Contact us today to learn more.



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