Pugh’s Earthworks Winter Tree Care

Winter Tree Care is an important component of any commercial landscaping year round program. Trees are a valuable asset and expensive to replace. Not only do trees provide shade during the hot temperatures of summer but they also add beauty to commercial properties. The Certified Commercial Landscape Technicians at Pugh’s Earthworks are trained in all aspects of commercial landscaping which includes knowledge of tree care.

It is some times common for people to get complacent when trees and grasses are dormant. The problem is that during these harsh cold temperatures, there is still a need for attention and care.

Some of the steps the Pugh’s Earthworks professionals will take to ensure their customers trees remain healthy are below:

Winter Tree Care Deep Watering

During the Winter months the tree roots are still growing deeper. They are on a continual journey search for water and nutrients to sustain the tree above the ground. However, if there is a shortage of water, the roots can become less able to continue their growth. At Pugh’s Earthworks, our staff will continue to assess the soil conditions through the Winter. If it appears there is a shortage of natural moisture, they will take steps to start a deep watering program.

Winter Tree Care Mulching

It is common knowledge, for the most part, that mulching carries with it many healthy plant benefits. Therefore, properly applied mulch is something the Pugh’s Earthworks team will focus on. Consequently, the trees of our commercial property owners will reap the benefit of retained moisture and countless nutrient.

Tree Pruning

Pugh’s Earthworks is very talented at making commercial landscapes standout. One practice that is always top of mind is proper tree pruning. When trees are pruned during the summer growth months, there is danger in bug and fungus infestations. This is because the limbs are full of sap supporting the summer time upward growth of the tree. The best time to prune trees is during the dormant season like late Fall and Winter. There is far less chance of disease and tree damage during this time.

Tree Protection

Older more mature trees have developed a thick sturdy trunk. They are able to with stand harsh temperature and strong winds. However, younger trees that were recently planted are not as equipped to handle harsh condition. The professionals at Pugh’s Earthworks know when a tree needs to have the extra protection provided by burlap trunk wrapping and more frequent deep watering.






Pugh’s Earthworks is not only a company that prides itself with superior customer service. That is to say, service which in fact is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. They also take great pride and see value in participating as a member of numerous industry groups related to their business. One such group is The Apartment Association of Greater Memphis. Below is a information regarding who makes up this

The Apartment Association of Greater Memphis was chartered in 2004. The purpose was for the advancing of general welfare of the multifamily housing industry in the Memphis Metropolitan Area and surrounding areas. That is to say, functioning cooperatively with the National Apartment Association and the Tennessee Apartment Association, AAGM is able to undertake the services desired by owners and managers.

We strive to accomplish our mission by developing, organizing and conducting education programs for the benefit of our members and the industry. AAGM offers NAAEI credentialing programs which are designed to help raise professionalism in property management and provide better services to apartment renters and owners. Participating in this association mutually benefits all members by the interchange of information and experience.

AAGM Membership

Members are rental housing owners, property management firms, apartment communities and companies that supply products or services to rental properties.

AAGM membership includes 264 properties (60,690 units), 29 Management Companies and 92 Associate Members. The jurisdictional limit of the Association includes all Tennessee counties west of the Tennessee River and DeSoto and Tunica Counties in Mississippi.


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