Pugh’s Earthworks Commercial Landscaping Resolutions

Well we are rapidly coming to the close of 2021. Now is a good time to think about resolutions and goals for your Commercial Landscaping needs in 2022. Pugh’s Earthworks would like to a partner in your Landscaping resolutions and help with designs for next year.  Our certified landscape technicians will ensure your long term satisfaction with your property. Landscape design and maintenance will take planning and preparation, organization, and physical effort; all of which are great qualities to shoot for in the new year.

  • Define my particular landscaping preferences and styles, then incorporate into a unified design. Pugh’s Earthworks is expertly qualified in design and architecture.
  • Remove any dead, damaged or diseased plants and tree limbs that are beyond saving.
  • Build an employee or customer patio. Your customers and employees will enjoy the outdoor feel this spring and summer.
  • Install a water feature or reflection pool to create a soothing atmosphere that will aid in relaxation.
  • Incorporate low maintenance plants and sustainable foliage where desired, to decrease the amount of maintenance and upkeep involved in keeping your landscape in tip top shape. These easy growing plants will save time and money in the long run.
  • Add an outdoor fireplace, firepit, kitchen or gazebo for a great gathering place to entertain guests.
  • Grow some plants that will enhance my spring landscape. These include bulbs of all kinds which appear when temperatures rise in the spring. Plants that will enhance my fall landscape include; pansies, mums, maple trees, burning bush and evergreens.

Pugh’s Earthworks has the knowledge and skill to make your commercial landscape beautiful, healthy and functional. We hire and train Certified Landscape Technicians. Below talks about how stringent the qualifications and schooling is to obtain and maintain that credential.

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Certified Landscape Technician Education Requirements

In order to become a certified landscape technician, some employers may look for individuals that are licensed or certified in horticulture.  Certification is not always required for landscape technicians. However, earning these credentials generally improves the chances for later career advancement.  There are organizations offering certification to landscape technicians. One such organization is the Professional Land Care Network (PLN).

Using the services of a certified technician typically yields greater results with respect to the beauty and the environment effectiveness of your landscape. Technicians have a broad range of expertise. They can design interior gardens, complex exterior plantings, walkways, retaining walls and bridges. In addition, certified technicians are sometimes employed in nurseries where they can use their expert knowledge to assist customers.

There are varying levels of education and expertise as with most industry trades. Some colleges offer two and four year programs. In these programs students learn extensive knowledge not only regarding plants but also such things as the proper use and maintenance of landscape equipment, such as chainsaws, trimmers and tillers.

Two year programs are generally awarded an Associates of Science Degree. This curriculum consists of classes in plant science, soil science, landscape design, irrigation design and installation, computer-aided drafting, pesticide and fertilizer application, plant and tree care.  Upon completion of the program, students are often placed with employers for an internship and fieldwork experience.

The four year program is more advanced and contains a core of general science and horticulture classes. Some programs include classes such as plant pathology, soil science, ornamental horticulture, floriculture, greenhouse management, entomology and botany. Similar to the Associates of Science Degree, students are sometimes offered work experience and internships in the landscape and horticulture industries.

The Professional Land Care Network presently offers four different variations of landscape technician certifications. Information on these programs is located at www.landcarenetwork.org. Exteriors, interiors, horticultural or lawn care are the basic areas technicians can be certified in. Each area the technician applicant wishes to specialize in requires that they pass a test administered by the PLN.  Both hands on and written are forms of the test. If an applicant desires to become a certified horticultural technician, they will be required to take a class offered by the PLN as well.

When you consider the value of your project it makes sense to hire a Pugh’s Earthworks Certified Landscape Technician. These skilled professionals can take you through all phases of your project. From plant science, soil science, landscape design, irrigation design and installation, computer-aided drafting, pesticide and fertilizer application, plant and tree care, you will be served by the best in the industry!




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