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Tree trimming is a process that involves removing branches from the trunk of a tree. It is done to keep trees healthy and prevent them from causing damage to property or other landscaping features around your home. Trees can grow far larger than they need to if they are not properly trimmed, which can cause them to break under their own weight or even fall over completely. Pugh’s Earthworks is experienced in all aspects of Commercial Landscaping including Tree Limbing Service.

Trees are a big part of our landscape. They provide shade, beauty and windbreaks for your property. Trees need to be planted in the right place and cared for properly so they will grow up to be healthy and strong trees that are safe for people and other living things around them Your first step is to make sure the tree will fit in its intended location. Trees need room to grow and mature, so it is important to measure the size of your yard or garden before you plant. Measure how far apart you want each tree to be planted and add at least five feet (1.5 meters) between trees with mature canopies or 15 feet (4.5 meters) between trees with young canopies.

Unfortunately, trees may grow too big for the space they are in, which can cause problems. If a tree is too tall or wide for its space, it can block light from other plants and trees. This makes it hard for them to grow properly–and you will have less food for yourself! If the wind blows hard enough, this could break branches or even topple your whole tree over. If a tree is growing too close to your house or shed, it could cause damage if it falls. You will also have trouble getting around in your yard if there are many large trees growing nearby.

Limbing trees can help to reduce the risk of damage to other plants or trees. The branches may block light from other trees or plants, or they could be so heavy that they break under the weight of snow. Limbing is also beneficial for preventing property damage caused by falling branches, such as broken windows and cracked siding. Limbing can also help to improve the appearance of your commercial property. You may want to remove old, scraggly branches that are no longer attractive or useful. Limbing is a process that involves removing the branches from a tree. The best time to limb is in late winter or early spring, when there are no leaves on the tree and the sap has stopped flowing.

Limbing is the process of removing all but the top few branches from a tree. This can help you control how tall and wide your tree grows, which can prevent it from breaking, falling over and damaging property or needing to be removed entirely. Limbing is done with an axe or chainsaw by cutting off each branch at its base as close to ground level as possible. The goal should be to get rid of any branches that are broken or dead, so they are not just hanging around taking up space in your commercial property or sticking out awkwardly into traffic areas like driveways and sidewalks.

It is also important to keep in mind that you should never limb a tree during the growing season. The best time for pruning and limbing is between late fall and early spring, when there are no leaves on the branches, and they are still flexible. Commercial Property owners do not want to do this work and it is best to hire a professional tree service that can take care of it for you. Pugh’s Earthworks is the best Mid-South Commercial Landscaping company to hire!

If you are planning on having a major renovation project done at your property, having the tree properly limbed beforehand will make it easier to get landscaping trucks into tight spots and keep debris away from important areas like windows and doorways.

The process of removing branches from trees is called “limbing.” Limbing is important for many reasons, including:

  • Making it easier for landscapers to access areas of your property where they need space for equipment or materials.
  • Keeping debris away from windows and other parts of the exterior structure of your house that are vulnerable during storms due to high winds; this will help keep them in good condition longer than if they were exposed constantly without any protection against falling branches or other types of damage caused by falling trees (such as broken windows).
  • Limbing trees can also help keep them healthy during winter months when their growth slows down. This prevents them from being damaged by snow load or breaking due to excessive weight on their branches.
  • Limbing trees in winter is important because the branches are under less stress. The tree’s growth slows down during the winter months and its limbs are not bearing as much weight. Limbing trees during this time allows you to remove deadwood, improve light penetration, and make room for future pruning cuts.
  • Removing any dead, diseased or hazardous limbs that could pose a threat to people or property.
  • Removing lower branches to allow more light into the canopy and reduce wind resistance-Remove branches that are rubbing against each other and possibly causing damage to the tree.
  • Reducing the amount of weight on your trees by removing deadwood, diseased limbs and low hanging branches.
  • DIY pruning is not recommended as it poses a risk of injury for the person doing it, and improper pruning can actually cause more harm to the tree than good.

There are four types of pruning:

  • Thinning, which is removing branches from its point of origin (allows more light and growth)
  • Topping, with is removing a good number of branches from the top of the tree (this one is used to train young trees to grow a certain direction)
  • Raising, which is trimming low-hangings branches (allowing more headroom for objects)
  • Reduction, which trims back a tree’s volume (mainly for safety reasons)


Tree Limbing is an important part of keeping your property safe and looking good. Pugh’s Earthworks is the premiere Mid-South Commercial Landscaping company to hire for all or your landscaping needs. Please contact us to schedule a review of your landscaping needs.



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Shrub Installation & Trimming: Trees, Hedges and shrubs are a mainstay of landscape design at most apartments, condominiums and gated community entrances. Everything starts with creating the perfect planting beds, then selecting and installing the perfect shrubs for the area. Perfectly trimmed trees and hedges can be an important part of your commercial landscape. The right plants and trees can add color and beauty to any area of your business property. We specialize in designing planting beds, mulching and installation and maintenance of shrubs. Our work will enhance the look of your property, while also providing an attractive space for employees to relax or customers to enjoy during breaks.

If you are looking for a reliable commercial lawn care service, contact us today! We offer free estimates on all of our services and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can help your business succeed. Pugh’s Earthworks is a full-service landscaping and lawn care company that offers commercial lawn maintenance services for businesses, commercial properties and residential properties. We offer a wide range of services to help you maintain your property. We can provide everything from seasonal mowing to full landscape design services or irrigation system installation.

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