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The arrival of spring heralds’ new beginnings and a burst of vibrant life, especially in Spring Commercial Landscaping. For property owners, managers, and landscaping professionals, the transition from winter to the crescendo of spring brings with it many opportunities to refresh and enhance outdoor spaces. With a focus on vibrant cities like Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Southaven, and Jackson, Pugh’s Earthworks knows the spring season is not just about growth but also about making a lasting impression with outstanding commercial landscaping.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential steps to rejuvenating your commercial landscape in preparation for the robin-song days of spring.

Evaluating Your Existing Commercial Landscape

Before you can leap into the flurry of springtime activity, it’s critical to take a step back and assess the current state of your commercial property’s landscape. A thorough evaluation by Pugh’s Earthworks will consider the following:

  • What Work was Done in the Winter Months? Review any maintenance or remedial work that was carried out during the colder months. This could include tree trimming, repairing damaged hardscape elements, or planting winter-hardy vegetation.
  • Identifying What has Thrived and What Didn’t Survive – Take note of the plant life on your property. Are there signs of robust growth, or do you have areas that underperformed? This observation will be crucial in determining what landscapes may need special attention or a different approach this spring.
  • Noting Any New Issues – Spring is a time when issues like water drainage problems, dead spots, or diseased plants become more apparent. Walk the grounds and document these issues, no matter how minor they seem, to mitigate any potential problems.
  • Landscape Design Comparisons – Compare your current landscape with your ideal design. Is it time for a complete overhaul, or do certain areas just need minor adjustments? Revisit your long-term landscape plan and ensure your spring maintenance aligns with your property’s aesthetic and practical goals.

Preparing Your Commercial Landscape for the Spring Season

Preparation is key to a successful transition into spring. This section will guide you through the crucial steps you need to take to ready your commercial landscape for the season:

  • Soil Testing and Amendment – Spring is an ideal time to test and amend the soil. Understanding the pH levels and nutrient content will help you plan your planting strategy. Work with a professional to ensure your soil is in the best condition for new growth.
  • Seasonal Pruning – Pruning is more than just for aesthetics; it’s an important aspect of plant health and encourages new growth. Identify trees, shrubs, and perennials that need pruning and do so before the growing season is in full swing.
  • Cleaning and Preparing Hardscapes – Winter can take a toll on hardscape elements, so it’s essential to clean and repair these areas. Sidewalks, parking lots, and patios should be power washed to remove grime and debris accumulated over the winter months.
  • Mulching and Weeding – Mulching can help retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weeds. Apply fresh mulch in the spring to inhibit weed growth and give the landscape a polished look.
  • Prepping for the Final Frost – In colder areas, plants can still be vulnerable to the last frost. Take precautions such as covering sensitive plants and ensuring irrigation systems are prepared to handle potential freezing conditions.

Strategic Planning for New Season Planting

The strategic planting of seasonal flowers and plants will ensure your landscape is a showstopper throughout the spring. Here are the steps to prepare for new planting:

  • Understand Your Region’s Growing Conditions – Plant accordingly based on your region’s climate, soil, and zoning restrictions. Work with a knowledgeable local nursery or landscaper to select plants that thrive in your area.
  • Create a Planting Calendar – A planting calendar will help you organize and manage planting tasks. Consider the ideal time to plant different species and how long they will take to develop fully.
  • Implement Planting Best Practices – Provide the right amount of space, nutrients, and attention to newly planted greenery. Water deeply and monitor for pests and diseases as the new plants adapt to their environment.
  • Watering and Irrigation Management – Proper watering is critical to establishing new plant life and maintaining health throughout the season. Here are the best practices for watering your commercial landscape in the spring:
  1. Invest in an Efficient Irrigation System
  2. An efficient system that can be timed and adjusted as per the season’s changing needs is an invaluable tool. Ensure the irrigation system is fully operational and free from leaks.
  3. Schedule Watering Based on Weather Conditions
  4. Adjust your watering schedule based on precipitation and the overall wetness of the season. Overwatering can be just as harmful as underwatering since it can lead to root rot and other issues.
  5. Utilize Rainwater Harvesting Techniques
  6. Installing a rainwater harvesting system can aid in water conservation efforts and provide a natural resource for plants.

Introducing Seasonal Features and Enhancements

Spring presents the opportunity to introduce new features and enhancements to your commercial landscape. Here are some impressive additions Pugh’s Earthworks can address that are perfect for the season:

  • Customized Floral Displays – Custom floral displays can bring a pop of color and elegance to any commercial property. Think about feature areas that can host vibrant seasonal flowers to capture attention and create a beautiful ambiance.
  • Seasonal Lighting – Strategically placed lighting can extend the enjoyment of outdoor spaces well into the evening. With daylight savings time on the horizon, consider how lighting can accentuate certain landscaping elements and provide a safe environment for evening visitors.
  • Themed Areas – Create themed garden sections or areas that add character and intrigue to your property. This could be a butterfly garden, a contemplation space with a water feature, or a quiet reading nook surrounded by blossoming plants.
  • Sustainable Landscaping Touches – Incorporate sustainable practices into your landscaping design. This includes native plant species, eco-friendly mulch, and water-saving irrigation systems, all of which demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Maintaining and Monitoring Growth

Growth in your commercial landscape can be rapid in the spring, which is all the more reason to maintain a vigilant eye on plant health and overall appearance. Here are some area Pugh’s Earthworks will focus on for managing the season’s growth:

  • Regular Pruning and Deadheading – Continue pruning as necessary to shape plants and encourage bloom. Deadheading spent flowers will also promote continuous flowering through the spring.
  • Fertilization – Strategically apply fertilizers as needed, especially after the initial burst of spring growth has subsided. This will support plants as they move into the next phase of their life cycle.
  • Weed and Pest Control – Stay on top of weeds and be proactive in controlling pests. Spring is a time of high reproductive activity for many plants and insects, so early intervention is key to avoiding infestations.
  • Document and Review – Keep a record of your landscape’s progress throughout the season. Note what worked well, what didn’t, and any recurring issues to inform future planning and improvements.

Engaging with the Community Through Your Commercial Landscape

Incorporate community engagement initiatives into your landscape plan for maximum impact. Here is how you can position your property as a community focal point:

  • Hosting Events and Workshops – Use your commercial landscape as a venue for workshops on gardening, eco-friendly landscaping, or seasonal cooking classes using herbs and veggies from your property.
  • Encouraging Visitor Participation – Create interactive areas such as community gardens or art installations that allow visitors to contribute and engage with the landscape.
  • Showcasing Local Talent – Partner with local artists, musicians, and vendors to create a vibrant atmosphere that supports the local economy and cultural scene.


Spring is a time of opportunity for commercial landscapes. Pugh’s Earthworks will provide proactive assessment, meticulous planning, and strategic execution can transform your property into a thriving beacon of life that resonates with visitors and the local community. By adhering to these steps, you can elevate the appeal and functionality of your commercial landscape, ensuring that it not only meets the demands of the season but exceeds them with every blooming display and verdant vista.

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