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Pugh’s Earthworks is a premiere Commercial Landscaping Company in the Mid-South Region of the US. We are diligent and proud of acquiring and maintaining the many credentials and licenses that are required of a top Landscaping firm. As Little Rock Arkansas is one of our major markets, we are Arkansas State Plant Board Licensed. The Arkansas State Plant Board License is a certification that proves you have the knowledge and experience necessary to work with plants.

About the Arkansas State Plant Board License

The Arkansas State Plant Board is a government agency that regulates the use and sale of plants in the state. It was created in 1916, when Arkansas passed its first law regulating plant sales. The Arkansas State Plant Board licenses all nurseries operating within the state and inspects them regularly to make sure they’re following regulations regarding proper labeling, disposal of waste material and other important matters. Nursery owners must also follow strict rules regarding how they handle chemicals used on their crops; these include keeping records of what chemicals were applied where and when they were used (or whether they were not used at all).

The board also regulates the sale of plants and seeds by consumers, making sure that those who sell them are licensed to do so. It can investigate any nursery or plant seller suspected of breaking the law and has broad powers to enforce its decisions against offenders.

Arkansas State Plant Board Requirements

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED, or be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary education program.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen, or permanent resident with work authorization that allows you to work in the United States (e.g., H1B visa).
  • You must pass a background check, including fingerprinting and criminal history record check.
  • Must possess valid driver’s license issued by state where applicant resides at time application is submitted; if no driver’s license exists then proof of current automobile liability insurance coverage on all vehicles owned by applicant (if any) for duration of employment period covered by this license will suffice instead of having to provide documentation from each state where such vehicle was titled/registered showing proof that no revocation actions were taken against said vehicle during last five (5) years prior date application was submitted – but only if applicant lives outside Arkansas State Plant Board’s jurisdiction which includes Faulkner County area where Arkansas State Plant Board has its headquarters located at 400 East 7th Street Conway AR 72032and has jurisdiction over the following counties:
  • Arkansas County Ashley County Baxter County Benton County Boone County Bradley County Calhoun County Carroll County Chicot County Clark County Clay County Cleburne County Cleveland COUNTY Columbia COUNTY Conway COUNTY Craighead COUNTY Crawford COUNTY Crittenden COUNTY Cross COUNTY Dallas COUNTY Desha
  • County Drew County Faulkner County Franklin County Fulton COUNTY Garland COUNTY Grant COUNTY Greene County Hempstead COUNTY Hot Spring County Howard COUNTY Independence County Izard COUNTY Jackson COUNTY Jefferson County Johnson County

Arkansas State Plant Board Benefits

The Arkansas State Plant Board license is a requirement for anyone who wants to work as a pest control technician. The license is also required if you want to apply pesticides on your own property or on behalf of someone else. It can be obtained through the Arkansas State Plant Board, which regulates all pesticide use in the state. To obtain an Arkansas State Plant Board License, applicants must meet certain requirements and pass exams after completing training courses on how to apply pesticides safely and properly.

The benefits of obtaining an Arkansas State Plant Board License include:

  • Increased earning potential by becoming eligible for higher paying jobs.
  • A sense of pride in knowing that you have achieved this important milestone.
  • A sense of security knowing that you have the training and certification necessary to work safely with pesticides.
  • Increased job opportunities as you are able to apply for more jobs in the agricultural industry.

The Arkansas State Plant Board is responsible for regulating the use of pesticides in the state. The board licenses individuals who want to apply pesticides and issues certificates attesting that they have completed training courses on how to use them safely and properly.

Arkansas State Plant Board Areas Served

Pugh’s Earthworks Commercial Landscaping is licensed with the Arkansas State Plant Board and insured, bonded and ready to serve you in your area. We offer a full range of services including:

  • Lawn care maintenance
  • Lawn fertilization and weed control programs.
  • Tree pruning and removal.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible lawn care service that you can find. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, fast response times and fair pricing for all of our services. We also have a large fleet of equipment that includes mowers, blowers, trimmers, edger’s and more so we can handle any job no matter how big or small it may be! Our goal is to provide you with the best possible lawn care service that you can find. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, fast response times and fair pricing for all of our services.


The Arkansas State Plant Board License is not required, but it can be a great way to verify that you have undergone training and are capable of handling the job. It can also help you get jobs in other states where licenses are required. Pugh’s Earthworks management is committed to obtaining and maintaining all licenses and certifications to keep us up to date with the industry and remain a premiere Mid-South Commercial Landscaping Company.



Pugh’s Earthworks Credentials, Certifications, Licenses Credentials/Affiliations/Degrees/Certifications

The Pugh’s Earthworks team has all the proper credentials, degrees and certifications necessary to deliver top quality landscape and lawn maintenance design, installation and maintenance services. Our team is experienced, highly skilled. The all operate with a customer first attitude.

Our firm is one of the largest landscape and lawn maintenance companies in Tennessee. We have all the right equipment to handle commercial landscape and lawn maintenance projects. Our client base includes hotels, motels, business complexes, retail shopping centers, hospitals, schools, apartments, condominiums and other commercial accounts.

Tennessee Department of Agriculture Chartered/Licensed
Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industry licensed
Arkansas State Plant Board Licensed
Master of Business Administration
Bachelors of Science in Agronomy
Bachelors in Landscape Contracting Management
Associates of Applied Science in Landscape Management
Associates of Applied Science in Turf Grass Management
Dynascape Certified
Planet Professional Network
Landscape Industry Certified

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Our headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. We also operate landscape offices in Nashville, Jackson TN, Southaven MS and Little Rock AR. Our firm provides monthly grounds maintenance services for commercial clients. If you are seeking assistance with Landscaping or Lawn Maintenance services, please give us a call or send us a message via the contact form below. We do offer FREE Estimates.


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