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A well-maintained lawn and garden are a great way to show your customers and community that you care about the quality of life in your area. Pugh’s Earthworks is expert at Commercial Landscaping, and we can help! Our professional Commercial HOA Landscaping services will make sure your backyard or front yard looks its best.

HOA Landscaping Benefits

As a business owner, you know that the most visible part of your property is its landscaping. Whether it is an apartment complex or office park, people will judge your company by what they see outside. Landscaping can help increase visibility for your business and attract new clients through:

  • Increased foot traffic due to attractive aesthetics (and sometimes even smells). This can lead directly to more sales or leads as people walk through the area on their way somewhere else.
  • Improved curb appeal that makes potential customers feel more comfortable entering the building or visiting the website online–or both!
  • Increased real estate value for your property. This can help you sell or lease it out if you decide to move on from the space and make a profit!

HOA Landscaping Certification

HOA Landscaping Certification is a good way to show your customers that you are a professional, and it can also help you win more business. It is a great way to prove that you know what you are doing when it comes to landscaping, which will make clients feel more confident in hiring someone like yourself. Pugh’s Earthwork is a Certified Commercial Landscaping Company.

If there is one thing that we have learned from our years as a commercial HOA landscaper, it is that everyone wants something different out of their lawn care service providers. Some people want an eye-catching design; others just want their grass cut on time every week without fail; still others may be looking for something more complex like seasonal color changes or maintenance services such as fertilizing and trimming hedges throughout the year (or even tree removal). Whatever their needs happen to be–and whether those needs change over time–you need not worry because there are plenty of ways for businesses like yours (and even homeowners) alike who specialize in providing lawn care services such as mowing/trimming/weeding etc…

HOA Landscaping benefits include:

Increased property values and reduced maintenance costs. In a recent study, homebuyers were asked what they value most in a home. The top response was “good schools” followed by “low
crime rate,” and then “nice landscaping.” Homeowners with well-maintained lawns, in well-maintained neighborhoods, are likely to sell their houses for higher prices than those whose yards are neglected or poorly maintained. HOA Landscaping also saves homeowners money by using one company throughout the entire neighborhood instead of having each homeowner hire separate lawn companies for each house.

Pugh’s Earthworks HOA Lawn Maintenance

  • Maintain the lawns on a regular basis.
  • Mower blades should be at least 3 inches off the ground, and you should cut your grass when it is dry.
  • Always mow in the same direction as the growth of your grass to avoid scalping or tearing up the roots.
  • Keep lawn edges neat and tidy so they don’t become overgrown or unkempt looking–this will reflect poorly on your HOA as well as attract pests like ticks and mosquitoes to your property if not addressed immediately by our landscaping services team!

Pugh’s Earthworks HOA Flower Bed Maintenance

  • If your flower bed is damaged, we will repair it as soon as possible.
  • Water the soil in your flower bed when it begins to dry out and before plants begin to wilt or turn brown. This will help prevent fungal diseases from developing on your plants’ roots and ensure that they grow strong and healthy.
  • If your plants are wilting, we will check the soil’s moisture level and add more if necessary.

Pugh’s Earthworks HOA Sprinkler Installation

The use of sprinkler systems can help you maintain your lawn, plants and flowers in a way that is more cost-effective than traditional watering methods. By using an automatic sprinkler system, you can save money on water bills and keep your property looking great.

Sprinkler systems are especially useful for HOAs because they allow residents to set their own schedules for watering the lawns around their homes. If a neighbor has a different schedule than yours (or no schedule at all), this will not be an issue since each person has control over his or her own watering times through the HOA’s website or mobile app. Additionally, many HOAs provide access to other features such as weather forecasts so that residents know whether it is safe to turn on their irrigation systems without wasting water on rainy days; some even allow members access via their smartphones while away from home!

The advantages of having an automatic watering system are clear. The lack of water waste and the ability to schedule watering times make it easy for homeowners to keep their lawns beautiful in a way that is more cost-effective than traditional methods.

Pugh’s Earthworks HOA Drainage Maintenance

HOA drainage maintenance is an important part of commercial property ownership. HOA landscaping contractors are trained to keep water flowing away from your home or business, which can help prevent costly repairs in the future. Drainage maintenance is also done by homeowners, but it is best left to professionals like Pugh’s Earthworks who have the proper equipment and experience with commercial landscapes. A well-designed drainage system will allow excess water to drain into nearby storm drains without damaging your lawn or flower beds.

The best way to prevent flooding is with a drainage system that is properly maintained and cleaned. If you have a property manager or landscaping company on hand, they may be able to provide this service for you. They will also know how often your system needs cleaning and can schedule it accordingly.

The benefits of using the Pugh’s Earthworks professional landscapers include:

  • We are trained professionals with years of experience under our belts; homeowners simply are not qualified for this type of work.
  • We know how to create attractive designs that fit within specific spaces while also keeping up with local laws (like those related to zoning)
  • We know the best types of plants and trees to use in your area We also offer more services, such as mulching and fertilizing.


If you own a commercial property or are a HOA, it is important to make sure that the landscaping around it is up to code. This will help ensure that your property is protected and can increase visibility for potential customers. Commercial HOA Landscaping services like those offered by our team at Pugh’s Earthworks can help with this process by providing HOA certification, details on what needs to be done when maintaining flower beds or lawns, sprinkler installation services and more!



Pugh’s Earthworks Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance for COA’s & HOA’s

We provide landscaping and lawn maintenance programs for HOA (homeowners associations) and COA (condominium associations). In fact, the work we do for HOA’s and COA’s represents a sizable portion of the more than 300 commercial landscape maintenance clients we serve. Many of those customers have opted for our comprehensive ground’s maintenance service.

Property managers, HOA and COA board members face a unique set of challenges each day. They serve a huge customer base, who really want to live in communities that are well kept and desirable. Our team has a thorough understanding of those challenges. We work closely with our property managers to turn these challenges into opportunities. That allows the property management firms we serve to focus on aspects, other than landscape related. Our job is to make their job easier.

Experience has taught us that every property is different. Our team will focus on the details. We work closely with our clients and customize our commercial landscape maintenance solutions to meet their specific needs.

Landscape Design is an art that has been practiced by people for thousands of years. The earliest known depiction of landscape design was found on the walls of the tomb of Kha and Merit, two Egyptian nobles who lived about 3200 B.C. Landscape designers have since evolved from simply creating gardens to creating entire outdoor environments that enhance homes, businesses and other properties. Today’s landscape designers are more than artists – they are problem solvers who draw upon their creative talents as well as their knowledge of science and technology to create beautiful outdoor areas with minimal environmental impact. Pugh’s Earthworks is a commercial landscape design and installation company that has been in business since 1992. The commercial landscape design team at Pugh’s Earthworks will create a unique design for your property that you can be proud of.”


Pugh’s Earthworks Commercial HOA Landscaping



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