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Property Entrance Container Gardens make a lovely addition around HOA or Commercial Property entrances and in places where a little greenery is needed to soften and decorate. Bedding plants including annuals, perennials, small shrubs and ornamental trees make excellent mixes for container gardening. A good rule of thumb is to have a tall plant in the center and draping flora around the edges. Fill in other areas with a combination of blooming and green plants keeping in mind not to over crowd the planter and drown out some of the mix. Pugh’s Earthworks creates and maintains these container gardens on some of our properties.

Benefits of Property Entrance Container Gardens

Container gardens at a property entrance offer numerous benefits that make them a popular landscaping choice. Unlike in-ground plantings, they can be moved and changed with the seasons or property owners’ preferences, providing versatility and customization options. They allow owners to add their unique style and personality to greet guests with beautiful blooms and foliage.

  • Curb appeal is one of the most noticeable advantages of using containers by the front door or walkway. The pops of color and texture instantly increase visual interest and make a great first impression. Studies show people value curb appeal, as it implies care has been put into the property. Container plantings are an easy way to spruce up the entry without major landscaping work.
  • Container gardens are also one of the lowest maintenance ways to add garden interest at an entrance. The enclosed soil environment helps retain moisture longer than in the ground, reducing watering needs. Containers prevent weeds and grass from taking root like in-ground beds. There is no digging or soil amendment required. The ability to move containers allows for optimal sun exposure. For those without time for high-maintenance beds and borders, entrance container gardens are an ideal solution.
  • The versatility and customization possible with entrance container gardens make them a great choice for expressing owners’ personal styles. Mixing colors, shapes and textures allows for endless design options. Containers can be changed seasonally or rearranged anytime to keep the entryway looking fresh and inviting. They provide a simple, affordable way to try out new looks before committing to permanent in-ground plantings. For those wanting to quickly update their home’s entrance, container gardens are the perfect flexible and creative solution.

Choosing the Right Location

When placing your property entrance container garden, consider visibility and access. Choose a spot that can be easily seen from the street to create curb appeal. Near the front entrance and walkways is ideal so it is one of the first things people notice when approaching your HOA or Business Property.

Sunlight exposure is another key factor for container garden placement. Most flowering plants and vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Observe how the sunlight hits different areas of your property during the day before deciding where to position your containers. South or west facing spots are best. If needed, you can supplement sunlight with grow lights. Avoid placing containers in overly shady areas.

Some other tips for location:

  • Allow enough space around containers for easy access and maintenance.
  • Place on a solid, level surface; not directly on grass or dirt which can cause drainage issues.
  • Consider proximity to a water source for convenience.
  • Watch for potential damage or tipping hazards from high traffic zones.
  • Take into account your property layout, architecture, lighting, and usage to determine optimal positioning. The entrance container garden should enhance your property’s curb appeal without impeding everyday function.

Selecting and Installing Containers
When choosing containers for your property entrance garden, Pugh’s Earthworks will consider material, shape, drainage, and weight.

  • We will select a material that matches your property’s aesthetic. Wood containers give a natural look. Metals like copper or galvanized steel add contemporary flair. Look for durable plastics that resemble materials like stone or concrete. Ceramic and terra cotta pots provide classic charm.
  • Match the container shape to the plants we will use. Round and oval pots suit mounded or trailing plants. Rectangular planters and window boxes are great for arranging upright or linear plants. Look for interesting styles like tall urns, geometric pots, or woven baskets.
  • Make sure containers have ample holes in the bottom for drainage. Plants need drainage to avoid sitting in excess water. If a container lacks holes, drill some in the bottom or place a layer of gravel at the base before adding soil.
  • Consider the filled weight of a container, especially large pots. Material like thick ceramic or concrete gets extremely heavy when filled with soil and plants. Choose lighter options like plastic, fiberglass, or resin if the container will be moved regularly. Use wheels or casters on large planters.

Pugh’s Earthworks Plant Selection

When selecting plants for your property entrance container garden, we will consider a variety of flowers, foliage textures, heights, colors, and scents to create an appealing and dynamic look.


A diversity of flowering plants is key to a stunning container garden. A mix of annuals and perennials in bloom times from early spring to late fall. Some top performers include:

  • Petunias – Available in mounding, trailing, and upright varieties, these prolific bloomers come in every color.
  • Begonias – With delicate flowers and decorative leaves, wax begonias and dragon wing begonias add pizzazz in shady spots.
  • Geraniums – Hardy, fragrant, and floriferous, zonal geraniums are perfect for pots in sun to part shade.
  • Coleus – Prized for its vividly colored foliage, coleus thrives in shade and adds unique texture.
  • Marigolds – Cheerful, aromatic marigolds bloom all season in sunny sites.
  • Lantana – Heat and drought tolerant, lantanas produce abundant clusters of flowers.

*Side note: Certain flowers thrive in certain regions, whereas other flowers can’t survive. *

Incorporating plants with showy and varied foliage enhances your container garden. We will consider adding:

  • Ornamental grasses – Upright, arching, or weeping grasses offer graceful movement and texture.
  • Ferns – With lacy fronds, ferns add delicate foliage for shade.
  • Hostas – The big leaves of hostas provide lushness in varying hues of green, blue, yellow.
  • Caladiums – Known for dramatic arrow-shaped leaves often marked with red, pink or white.
  • Elephant ear – Huge, heart-shaped tropical leaves make a bold statement.

Arranging the Container Garden

When the Pugh’s Earthworks team is arranging your entrance container garden, we will focus on creating visual interest and balance through the layout and use a mix of heights, textures, and colors to make an appealing composition. Below are some of the steps our technicians are trained on.

Create Focal Points – Choose one or two striking plants to act as focal points, like a tall ornamental grass, bold colored coleus, or a flowering plant that will draw the eye. Place focal point plants near the center or at corners to anchor the arrangement.

Use Complementary Heights – Vary plant heights to add layers and dimension. Place taller plants towards the back and medium or trailing plants near the edges. Include a mix of low-growing plants in the front to avoid blocking the view.

Contrast Textures and Colors – Combine plants with diverse foliage shapes, sizes, and colors. Contrast fine, ferny foliage with broad, bold leaves. Mix bright colors like yellow or red with cool hues like blue or lavender. Vary smooth and glossy leaves with fuzzy or ruffled textures. The combination will look fuller and more natural.

Repeat Elements – Though variety is key, do not use too many different plants. Repeating some elements ties the arrangement together. Reuse the same plant in a few places for unity.

Benefits to the HOA or Commercial Property Community

  • Property entrance container gardens can provide benefits beyond just the homeowner’s enjoyment. Thoughtfully designed gardens can increase curb appeal for the entire neighborhood, support pollinators like bees and butterflies, and inspire others in the community to try their hand at gardening.
  • Increase curb appeal of neighborhood – Well-designed container gardens at property entrances grab the eye and improve aesthetics along the street for all to enjoy. Neighbors and passersby appreciate the effort to beautify shared spaces. A colorful and eye-catching display makes the whole neighborhood more welcoming.
  • Support pollinators – With the right plant choices, entrance container gardens can provide nectar for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. By supporting these important pollinators, the benefits extend to the whole ecosystem.
  • Inspire others – A thriving entrance garden may motivate others in the community to try container gardening themselves. Seeing the fruits of your efforts can ignite their interest and creativity. Leading by example encourages more neighbors to contribute to community beautification efforts. And sharing plant divisions or cuttings spreads the joy even further!


With the experienced planning and effort of the Pugh’s Earthworks team, a property entrance container garden can enrich the HOA or Commercial Property in many ways – by improving aesthetics, helping pollinators, and inspiring a growing community of gardeners. A passion for plants shared with others multiplies the benefits for all to enjoy.



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