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Your neighborhood Homeowners or Condominium Owners Association is a great resource for landscaping ideas and tips. HOA and COA Commercial Landscaping is a service provided by Pugh’s Earthworks and we have many satisfied clients. Below are some of our many areas of expertise that keep our HOA and COA clients’ properties and front entrances looking pristine.


Landscaping can be a great way to add color and texture to your property. Plantings can be used as a way to soften hardscapes, such as curbs or retaining walls. They can also serve as an excellent means of adding privacy by blocking views into your yard from neighboring properties.


Lawns are a great way to add value to your home. They can also be used as part of your landscaping and outdoor living space. As the name suggests, lawns are used for growing grass on which people play games such as football or soccer. Lawns can be installed in front yards or backyards depending on how much space you have available at home. They look beautiful when they’re well maintained but they need regular maintenance work done by professional landscape designers who know how best maintain them so that they look good all year round

Curbs, Gutters and Steps

You may not be aware, but the curb and gutter are actually important for drainage. They help to direct water away from your house and into the storm drain.

  • Curbs can also be used as a way of separating the sidewalk from the road. This is important because it helps pedestrians avoid getting hit by cars as they walk along their route and also helps drivers see where they should be driving so that they don’t accidentally hit someone on foot or bicycle that’s in front of their vehicle.
  • Gutters are generally made out of metal or plastic (though some are made out of stone) and have sloped sides so that rainwater flows down them into catch basins at either end before heading into underground pipes which carry away excess water runoff during storms or heavy rains.”

Retaining Walls

  • Retaining walls are used to hold back earth from a slope. They are often used to create a level area for a patio or deck, and can be built from stone, brick, concrete and other materials.
  • Retaining walls can be built using a variety of techniques: dry-stack (with no mortar); mortared; block-and-stucco style with stucco applied over top of blocks; or stacked stone where each layer overlaps the previous one by at least 6 inches.

Drainage Systems

  • Drainage systems are an important part of any landscaping project. Drainage systems allow water to flow away from your property, keeping it healthy, safe and dry. They also help keep the area around your home clean by preventing mud puddles from forming on the surface of your lawn or driveway.
  • Drainage systems can be installed in several different ways depending on their size and complexity. The most basic form of drainage system consists of a series of holes dug into the ground that lead towards an outlet pipe underground where excess water flows out into another body of water like a river or stream nearby (Figure 1). Another common type involves using pipes as channels for carrying away excess moisture after rainfall so that it doesn’t get trapped against hard surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways (Figure 2).

Ponds and Water Features

Ponds and water features are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They can be used to add a visual element, such as the reflection of trees or flowers, or they can provide a calming effect by adding sound. Ponds can also be used for irrigation purposes as well as wildlife habitat. When designing your pond, there are many things that you will want to consider: location (how much sun does it get?), depth (should it have steps leading down into it?), size (how big do I want my pond?)

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is another way to enhance the look of your property. Lighting can be used to highlight features of a landscape, create a mood and even provide security. Here are some examples:

  • Security lights are an obvious choice for illuminating areas where there might be an increased risk of crime, such as parking lots or walkways leading from homes to garages. Lights placed on exterior walls will help deter intruders from entering through windows or doors at night.
  • Pathway lights along pathways throughout the community will help guide residents safely back home after dark while also adding elegance to any event held in these areas (e.,g., holiday parties).
  • Accent lights placed around trees, flower beds or other parts of landscaping can add visual interest without being too bright so as not disturb neighbors’ sleep patterns with glare from spotlights shining into their windows.

When it comes to landscaping, you do not have to settle for anything less than what you want. You can have a beautiful landscape that is also functional, low maintenance and safe. You can even have one that is environmentally friendly! Briefly, some of what makes up those things includes:

  • A functional landscape has features that help with drainage and stormwater runoff (rain).
  • It also has structures such as ponds or streams that help filter out pollutants before they get into the water table where they could potentially contaminate groundwater supplies used by humans or animals who live near them (this includes people drinking from their wells).


As you can see, there are many ways to make your landscaping dreams come true. Whether it is adding some new plants or installing a pond in your yard, there are plenty of options available for homeowners who want to improve their outdoor space. The best part about all of these projects is that they can be professionally handled by Pugh’s Earthworks.



Pugh’s Earthworks Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance for COA’s & HOA’s

We provide landscaping and lawn maintenance programs for HOA (homeowners associations) and COA (condominium associations). In fact, the work we do for HOA’s and COA’s represents a sizable portion of the more than 300 commercial landscape maintenance clients we serve. Many of those customers have opted for our comprehensive grounds maintenance service.

Property managers, HOA and COA board members face a unique set of challenges each day. They serve a huge customer base, who really want to live in communities that are well kept and desirable. Our team has a thorough understanding of those challenges. We work closely with our property managers to turn these challenges into opportunities. That allows the property management firms we serve to focus on aspects, other than landscape related. Our job is to make their job easier.

Experience has taught us that every property is different. Our team will focus on the details. We work closely with our clients and customize our commercial landscape maintenance solutions to meet their specific needs.

Landscape Design is an art that has been practiced by people for thousands of years. The earliest known depiction of landscape design was found on the walls of the tomb of Kha and Merit, two Egyptian nobles who lived about 3200 B.C. Landscape designers have since evolved from simply creating gardens to creating entire outdoor environments that enhance homes, businesses and other properties. Today’s landscape designers are more than artists – they are problem solvers who draw upon their creative talents as well as their knowledge of science and technology to create beautiful outdoor areas with minimal environmental impact. Pugh’s Earthworks is a commercial landscape design and installation company that has been in business since 1992. The commercial landscape design team at Pugh’s Earthworks will create a unique design for your property that you can be proud of.”

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