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Summer heat is just around the corner. When it comes to selecting Summer Heat Tolerant Plants, leave the task to the professional and certified landscape technicians at Pugh’s Earthworks.

Commercial Landscapes need to be properly maintained and selection of the proper plants and shrubs is a critical element to that process. Property Owners whether Retail Centers, Industrial Centers, Hospitals, Apartment Complexes and more, rely on the impression customers and prospects have when they arrive at a property.

No one wants to see brown and dead plants decorating a nice Commercial Property. Pugh’s Earthworks serves the Mid-South which is a warm region in the US. We know the best plants to use for Commercial Landscaping.

Our team will analyze the soil, amounts of sun verses shade etc. and make a recommendation on what would be the best plant or shrub to install. Below are some popular Heat Tolerant plants.

Egyptian Star Cluster – Also known as Pentas, this is a tropical plant that is native to Africa, Arabia, and Madagascar so they are used to the heat. In fact, they bloom more in full sun.

Lacey Blue Russian Sage – Not only does it add purple to your landscape, but this heat and drought tolerant plant also has a sturdy, compact form that keeps it standing tall. It loves full sun.

Penstemon – This is a tubular flowering plant that thrives in full sun and loves the heat. This flowering plant is available in different colors.

Reflexed Stonecrop – This is a succulent plant that tolerates dry and hot conditions. It works well in a rock garden or drought-friendly commercial landscape.

Compact Lantana – This dense, compact, heat-loving shrub delivers a continuous display of multi-colored flowers which open as chiffon yellow and transition to fuchsia pink. The shrub thrives in full sun.

Kudos Gold Dwarf Hummingbird Mint – In the blazing sun, this gold-hued flowering plant offers a dazzling touch to your landscape. It tolerates heat and drought. And, as its name implies, it attracts hummingbirds.

Gold Sturm Black-Eyed Susan – This flowering plant offers a long bloom season and loves full sun and heat. The beautiful flowers can be cut and displayed in a bouquet.

Lemon Verbena – These only require water weekly which makes them a good summer heat plant. They produce white flowers in late summer and a sweet citrusy smell.

Cosmos – Ideal for desert like gardens these are native to Mexico. They are low maintenance annuals and produce flowers similar to Daisies.

Marigold – While other plants struggle in hot weather, Marigolds bloom and thrive. They are great in containers or in flower beds.

Contact Pugh’s Earthworks today to learn how we can offer these heat-tolerant plants, flowering plants, and shrubs and others for your commercial landscape.

Pugh’s Earthworks Handles Installation of Summer Heat Tolerant Plants

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