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Summer is in the final stages and fall is near by. With every season there are processes and procedures unique to commercial landscape maintenance. Unless you are a trained and certified Landscape Technician like the professionals at Pugh’s Earthworks, trying to address all of the landscaping elements of your property is a monumental task.

Throughout the year, your lawn, shrubs, plants, and trees go through growth cycles. And, one of these is in the fall and involves something you do not actually see. That is root growth.

Root growth is important because it is what provides a steady stream of nutrients and water to the plants, trees, and lawn. The stronger and larger those roots become, the more they can sustain the growth above ground.

To focus on root growth in the fall, here is what you should do:

  • Aerate your grass and lawn area. Because people and lawn mowers are constantly compacting the soil beneath the lawn, which makes it difficult for air, nutrients, and water to get to the roots. By aerating it, you will be able to stimulate root growth. You can use a walk-behind aerator to cover larger lawns.
  • Fertilize your lawn during the fall to promote root growth. The fertilizer will nourish the roots. It is best to use a spreader to ensure the fertilizer is evenly spread across the lawn. Also, use special fertilizer for shrubs, trees, and flowers. Apply the fertilizer at the beginning of the fall season and just before the frost sets in.
  • Seed areas that have bare patches. This gives your lawn a chance to build up further strength and add to its root system.  Look for grass seed that has a small amount of weed seed mixed in. Be sure to loosen the soil with a rake before laying the seeds down. You will also need to water these areas on a daily basis for a few weeks.
  • Transplant any plants to areas that give them more room to spread their roots out underground. The fall is the perfect time to get this done where temperatures are the most conducive.
  • Remove leaves that have fallen to the ground. These can rot and create issues for the roots by making them sick and blocking passage of water and nutrients to them. You can use a leaf blower or start raking them up into piles to dispose of.  Consider saving those leaves up and putting them in a compost bin. This will make great fertilizer later on.

We are also here to help by providing all the services you will need this fall to promote root growth and create a sustainable landscape around your property. Contact us now to learn more!

Fall Tree Planting

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We are a family owned and operated landscape and lawn maintenance firm. Our company takes immense pride in the work we do. Pugh’s Earthworks has big company size and strength, but, we focus on maintaining our small company values. We guarantee the work we perform and our attention to detail is second to none. Our best source of new clients has always been via recommendations from current and previous clients. Below is just one of many wonderful customer testimonials we have received.

“I’ve been in the Funeral/Cemetery Profession for many years and am the General Manager of Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery. We struggled with doing our landscaping

in-house for years. We finally decided to outsource. I met Tim Pugh and a tremendous relationship began. Pugh’s Earthworks has done our complete cemetery for years now and it was one of the best business decisions I ever made. They are affordable while providing us with expertise beyond my expectations. Pugh’s Earthworks management is in constant contact with us to assure that their services are doing what we need. The Pugh’s management also is ‘on property’ a lot of the time to oversee the activities. Being in the cemetery business which is very delicate, I’m proud to have the Pugh’s Earthworks team working on our ‘sacred grounds.’”

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